Shahed University

Evaluation of Adding canola Meal to Diet on Performance of Male Wistar Rats

Hamid Enami         Hamed Safafar

Date :  2009/09/27
Publish in :    World Congress On Oils and Fats

Keywords :Evaluation, Adding, canola, Wistar

Abstract :
The aim of the present study was to determine how the effect of adding canola meal,as a well known protein supplement in animal nutrition, is on growth factors and performance of male wistar rats. Daily weight gain (DWG),daily feed intake(DFI) and feed conversion ratio(FCR) were registered.48 male wistar rats were divided into four groups of six with two repetition; three groups were fed diets containing 10,20 and 30% canola meal(CM1,CM2 and CM3 respectively) and the fourth one (control)was with no canola meal added. In a 6 weeks period trial, adding canola meal did not change DWG but reduced DFI. Partial substitution of casein and SBM by canola meal caused an increase in FCR. Independently of level of inclusion as a substitute for casein or SBM, results showed that canola meal, especially CM2 diet, significantly improved the animal performance