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Effect of sodium alginate edible coating on antioxidant capacity, phenol, decay and postharvest fruit quality of pomegranate

Orang Khademi | Somayeh Rastegar | Mohammad Ali Askari Sarcheshmeh | Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Molla | Vali Alah Ghasemi Omran

Date :  2019/08/26
Publish in :    يازدهمين کنگره علوم باغباني ايران

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In this study, the effect of sodium alginate edible coating evaluated for controlling the postharvest physiological activity of pomegranate and preservation postharvest quality during storage at 4 °C to 120 day. The effectiveness of the coating against changes in some fruit physiochemical parameters such as titratable acidity, total soluble solids, pH, ion leakage, total phenol, decay index, ethylene production, antioxidant capacity and weight loss percentage was assessed. According to these results, sodium alginate (1) significantly decreased ion leakage and water loss in treated fruit. The treated fruits had a higher antioxidant capacity than control. Up to 80 days after storage, they had a significant role in preventing chilling injury. Sodium alginate coating had no significant effect on the reduction of ethylene and fruit decay.

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