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Evaluation of the effect of different varieties of citrus on the egg laying of citrus leaf roller, Archips rosanus L. in the citrus orchards of northern Iran

Amir Hossein Toorani | Anis Aboutalebian | Habib Abbasipour | Behnam Amiri

Date :  2019/08/17
Publish in :    سومين کنگره بين المللي حشره شناسي ايران

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Keywords :citrus, important cultivars, Archips rosanus, Mazandaran

Abstract :
Citrus leaf roller, Archips rosanus L. (Lep.: Tortricidae) is one of the most important pests threatening leaf buds and blossoms in fruit trees, which in the past few years has led to significant damage to citrus trees in some orchards in different cities of Mazandaran province. The identification of resistant cultivars and sensitive cultivars to citrus leaf roller is obligatory. Accordingly, the amount of egg laying and the amount of eggs per mass of the pest was studied on citrus cultivars in northern Iran in the years of 2017- 2018 in Mazandaran Province. This research was carried out in a randomized complete blocks design with nine treatments and 10 replications in citrus orchards in the city of Simorgh. The treatments consisted of commercial citrus varieties including Thomson Novel orange, Beirut orange, Blood orange, Valencia orange, Lemon, Unshu tangerine, Clemantine mandarin, Japanese mandarin and Sour orange. The age of all the trees was 25 years old. In order to evaluate the sensitivity and resistance, the number of egg masses laid by moth and the number of eggs per mass was counted on different cultivars. The ANOVA analysis was carried out using SPSS version 22 software and means comparison with Tukey multi-domain test. The results of the analysis of variance showed that the number of egg masses in different cultivars had a significant difference at the 5 level but the number of eggs per each mass was not significant. Oviposition results in different cultivars and groups were: Thomson Novel orange (140.73 ± 10.16 A), Beirut orange (70.78 ± 6.24 B), Blood orange (70.62 ± 6.93 B), Clemantine mandarin (67.22 ± 7.93 B), Valencia orange (40.32 ± 4.75 C), Unshu tangerine (40.16 ± 4.06 C), Lemon (38.29 ± 5.30 C), Japanese mandarin (10.75 ± 2.72 D) and Sour orange (10.19 ± 1.60 F). The number of eggs per mass was varied between 39 and 139. The results showed that citrus leaf roller moth had the highest amount of oviposition on the Thomson Novel orange and Beirut orange trees .

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