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The Impact of Mast Cells on Inflammatory Destruction of Perioduntium in Cigarette Smokers

Noushin Jalayer Naderi

Date :  2019/09/25
Publish in :    بيست و يکمين همايش سالانه و چهارمين همايش بين المللي اسيب شناسي و طب ازمايشگاه

Keywords : Cell count, Mast cells, Smoking

Abstract :
Background and Aim: Cigarette smoking reduces inflammation and vascular density in gingiva. The mechanism of angiogenesis and its changes in smokers has not been determined, yet. Researches have shown that mast cells are involved in angiogenesis. The aim was to determine Material and Method: The study was case-control. 30 paraffin embedded block of gingival tissue that involved with periodontitis from 15 cigarette smokers and 15 non-smokers were examined. The number of mast cells was determined in 5 fields at ×400 magnification. The correlation of mast cells count to periodontal and gingival indexes (PI and GI, respectively) were evaluated. The impact of cigarette exposure time was determined using packs× years formula. were 5.53±3.09 and 11.66±5.66, retrospectively. ±0.34, p=2.25, PI: 1.75±0.36, p=2.28).In smokers, the severity of gingivitis was not significantly correlated to mast cells count (±0.40, p=1.21).±1.09, p=0.003) in smokers. 0TMast cells count was higher in heavy smokers (0T16TP 0T16T= 0.09). Results: The mean number of mast cells count in smokers and non- smokers The mean number of mast cells in nonsmokers was significantly higher than smokers (P =0).The inflammation intensity of gingivitis and periodontitis in non-smokers were not correlated to mast cells count (GI: 2.58GI: 1.26The intensity of periodontitis was significantly correlated to mast cells count (PI: 2.96 Conclusion: Mast cells contribute to the progression of periodontitis, which is directly related to the density of mast cells. In future studies, it is necessary to examine the immune role of mast cells in terms of their protective and destructive functions in periodontitis. This helps to treat the periodontitis by conducting the mast cells.

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