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The relationship between periodontal disease and systemic conditions: A review of literature

Ferial Taleghani | Mahdieh Akbar Moulaei

Date :  2019/10/11
Publish in :    نوزدهمين کنگره بين المللي انجمن علمي پريودنتولوژي ايران

Keywords :Periodontal disease, systemic disease, genetic disorders, immunodeficiency disease, inflammatory disease.

Abstract :
Abstract Background. Numerous systemic disorders and certain medications can affect the periodontal attachment apparatus and cause loss of periodontal attachment and alveolar bone. Characterizing these diseases and the nature of the association between them could have important diagnostic value and therapeutic implications for patients. There are mainly rare systemic conditions (such as Papillon‐Lefevre Syndrome) with major effects and more common conditions (such as diabetes mellitus, Cardiovascular disease) with variable effects, as well as oral complications independent from periodontitis (such as neoplasms). The aim of this review is to combine the newest literature studies collectively and to provide a comprehensive review of the adverse effects that the associated systemic disease has on the periodontium. Methods. A review literature search was conducted in 2 databases between 2017 and 2019 in which the primary outcome was the association of systemic and periodontal diseases. Results. Approximately 10 articles met the criteria. Systemic diseases and conditions were classified as: Genetic disorders, acquired immunodeficiency diseases, Inflammatory diseases, and other disorders that have a pathogenic influence. Conclusions. This review identifies systemic diseases and conditions that can affect oral health. They may alternate the host immune response to periodontal infection, create defects in the gingiva or connective tissues or instigate metabolic changes. Periodontal infection should not be presented as the cause but a readily modifiable risk factor for such systemic diseases and conditions. However, the need for more studies will be required to substantiate the correlation of periodontal disease to these systemic conditions

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