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Nile Blue Functionalized Graphene Aerogel as a Pseudocapacitive Negative Electrode Material across the Full pH Range

Yasin Shabangoli | Mohammad S. Rahmanifar | Abolhassan Noori | Maher F. El-Kady | Richard B. Kaner | Mir F. Mousavi | Mohammad Safi Rahmanifar

Date :  2019/11/26
Publish in :    ACS NANO
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Keywords : Nile Blue functionalized graphene ?-conjugated macromolecule redox supercapacitor high capacitive contribution full pH range

Abstract :
The pursuit of new negative electrode materials for redox supercapacitors with a high capacitance, boosted energy, and high rate capability is still a tremendous challenge. Herein, we report a Nile Blue conjugated graphene aerogel (NB–GA) as a negative electrode material with excellent pseudocapacitive performance (with specific capacitance of up to 483 F g–1 at 1 A g–1) in all acidic, neutral, and alkaline aqueous electrolytes. The contribution from capacitive charge storage represents 93.4 of the total charge, surpassing the best pseudocapacitors known. To assess the feasibility of NB–GA as a negative electrode material across the full pH range, we fabricated three devices, namely, a symmetric NB–GANB–GA device in an acidic (1.0 M H2SO4) electrolyte, an NB–GAMnO2 device in a pH-neutral (1.0 M Na2SO4) electrolyte, and an NB–GALDH (LDH = Ni–Co–Fe layered double hydroxide) device in an alkaline (1.0 M KOH) electrolyte.