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From traditional medicine manuscript to the prevention of relapse in opioid-dependent patients

Abdolali Moosavyzadeh | Farzaneh Ghaffari | Razieh Jafari Hajati | Azarakhsh Mokri | Seyed Mohammad Nazari | Mohsen Naseri

Date :  2019/11/01
Publish in :    بيست و چهارمين کنگره فيزيولوژي و فارماکولوژِي ايران

Keywords :Hab-o- Shefa; Relapse

Abstract :
The school of Persian Medicine (PM) has a comprehensive approach to physical and psychological aspects and considers health as a priority. Along with the spread of drug addiction in Iran during the Safavid era, Iranian scientists have also come up with scientific and precise methods to prevent and cure this problem. For example, the first scientific book on the treatment of opiate addiction has been written by Iranian scholars. Currently, extensive research on PM in the field of addiction and psychological and spiritual aspects of human health with scientific methodology is ongoing. The efficacy of different herbal drugs has been proven by animal and clinical studies. Hab-o Shefa is an herbal product from PM manuscript idea for treatment of opiate addiction. Animal studies of this product did not show a significant difference in the total score between the methadone group and Hab-o Shefa group. Clinical studies of Hab-o Shefa was showed that this product as a maintenance treatment in people with opioid abuse reduced craving, anxiety, and depression over time. Score of craving, anxiety, and depression showed a decreasing trend after drug discontinuation and 6 month fallow up. Key Words: Adiction, Hab-o Shefa, Persian Medicine

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