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Efficacy of Hab-o Shafa in Craving of Opioid Addicted Patients, 6-Month Follow-up

Mohsen Naseri | Sayyed Abdolali Moosavyzadeh | Razieh Jafari Hajati

Date :  2019/04/24
Publish in :    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants

Keywords :Hab-o Shefa; Addiction; Persian medicine; Craving; Follow-up

Abstract :
The main problem in maintenance treatment of opioid use disorder is relapse and craving. Craving, described as a strong desire for substance use is one of the main reasons for relapse 1. This study is continuation of the previous our study on the efficacy of Hab-o Shefa in the opioid maintenance treatment. Considering the significant effect of Hab-o Shefa in craving of opioid treatment, - treatment, all participants that received the drug were re-evaluated. Craving were assessed using visual analog scale. The results were compared with the results of the maintenance treatment study (the previous phase of the study). Of the 21 participants in the Hab-o Shefa group who completed 3 months of primary intervention, 14 participants were in the 6-month followup. The mean of craving scores in pretest, 3th month of intervention and 6-month post test follow-up were respectively 4.69 ± 3.06, 1.15 ± 1.14 and 1.84 ± 2.23. The craving score decreased significantly in the third month after the intervention in order to study started (p-value= 0.001). These result -up is still significantly lower than the start of the intervention (p-value= 0.01). The obtained results indicated that the Hab-o Shefa can be useful for opioid craving also after cessation of drug, and it can also be considered as a new promising drug for prevention of craving and relapse.

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