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Effects of water deficit stress and nutrients on maternal plant and its seeds in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa willd)

N pakbaz | Heshmat Omidi | hasanalii naghdibadi | Amir Bostani

Date :  2020/01/25
Publish in :    شانزدهمين کنگره علوم زراعت و اصلاح نباتات ايران

Keywords :تنش کمابي، عناصر تغذيهاي، کينوا، گياه مادري

Abstract :
To effects of water deficit stress and nutrients on matenral plant and its seeds in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa willd), Seeds harvested from field experiment with 7 levels of foliar application with nutrients (control, Fe, Zn, Fe + Zn, nano-Fe, nano- Zn, nano-Fe + nano-Zn) at two times (50 and 100 flowering) and 2 levels of water deficit stress( 05( no stress) and 85 moisture discharge of crop capacity) was used in the research farm of Shahed University in 2018. Germination test with completely randomized design with four replications was conducted in Seed Physiology and Technology Laboratory . used Fe from Fe sulfate amount of 4 in 1000, and nano form, from Fe - nano oxide amount of 1 in 1000. The results showed that the effect of foliar application with nutrients, all traits evaluated were significant at 1 level. The highest germination percentage was obtained in nano-Fe and nano-Zn composition in 50 flowering stage under without drought stress conditions and also the lowest germination percentage in control nutritional treatment in 50 flowering under water deficit condition.

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