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The effect of hydro-alcoholic extract of Curcuma longa on pain and Pentylenetetrazol induced seizure mice

Fatemeh Nabi | Fatemeh Taleahmad | Mahdi Alizadeh | Fariba Ansari | Mohsen Khalili | Zahra Kiasalari Reineh

Date :  2019/10/30
Publish in :    24 امين کنگره ملي و سومين کنگره بين المللي فيزيولوژي و فارماکولوژي ايران

Keywords :Pain, Seizure, Mice, Curcumin

Abstract :
Background and Objective: Pain is an abrasive sense. Considering that there is no proper treatment for pain and epilepsy, while chemical drugs have adverse effects, we decided to study the effect of the Curcuma longa on pain and seizure. Materials and Methods: Forty-five NMRI male mice were randomly allocated to 5 groups, Control, positive control and three groups under treatment with curcuma longa extract (25, 50 and 100 mg/kg). Formalin and Tail immersion tests were used to measure pain volume and for kindling we used PTZ-induced seizure mice. Result: Curcumin extract in all doses (25, 50 & 100 mg/kg) effectively reduced acute pain in Formalin test. Obtained data from tail immersion test showed that all doses were effective to reducing acute pain in 5 and 10 min after extract injection. However, Curcuma extract at all doses and especially at 50 mg/kg could reduce onset seizure time in PTZ kindling test. Conclusion: Our data showed that all doses of Curcumin extract can reduce acute pain. Also anticonvulsant activity of the extract was shown at dose of 50 mg/kg.

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