Shahed University

Direct sono electrochemical method for synthesizing Fe3O4 nanoparticles

Abazar Hajnorouzi | Nahid Modaresi

Date :  2020/03/21
Publish in :    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
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Keywords :Direct sonoelectrochemical method, Ultrasound probe, Fe3O4 nanoparticles, Coercivity value, Saturation magnetization

Abstract :
The direct sonoelectrochemical method is a new combination of electrochemical and ultrasonic synthesis, inwhich an iron rod is used as both an ultrasound probe and a sacrificial anode. In the specified pulse of time, theiron oxide nanoparticles are synthesized during the electrolysis process, and in the subsequent time pulse, ul-trasound radiation dissociates the Fe3O4magnetic nanoparticles from the surface. In this paper, iron oxidenanoparticles have been synthesized and characterized by conventional electrochemical and direct sonoelec-trochemical methods under low and high current density. The results showed that the use of the direct sonoe-lectrochemical method could increase the synthesis rate up to 15-fold without altering the purity and phase ofthe nanoparticles. In the direct sonoelectrochemical method, smaller nanoparticles have been produced. Thesaturation magnetization in the sonoelectrochemical method is 24.9 and 7.9 more than the conventionalelectrochemical method at high and low current densities, respectively. Also, the coercivity value in the so-noelectrochemical method is 40.27 and 64.54 lower than the conventional electrochemical method at highand low current densities, respectively.