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IoT-Based Anonymous Authentication Protocol Using Biometrics in Smart Homes

Mehranpoor. Shayan | Naser Mohammadzadeh | Gharaee. Hossein

Date :  2019/08/28
Publish in :    International ISC (Iranian Society of Cryptology) Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (ISCISC
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Keywords :Internet of Things,Authentication,Smart Home,Security,lightweight security protocol

Abstract :
The smart home is increasingly being considered as one of the Internet of Things applications. With the development of mobile networks and the speed of data transfer, the expansion of smartphones and increasing of interest in raising the safety factor in personal life, many companies have entered the smartphone market. With the help of the Internet of things portal, it is possible to monitor wireless sensors and use non-computerized alert systems. Therefore, it is essential to secure such a system to create a sense of relaxation in the lives of users and homeowners to deal with possible occurrences. The integration of technologies for the automation of home affairs with the Internet of things means that all physical objects can be accessed on cyberspace; therefore, the concerns raised by users about the lack of privacy and security are a serious argument that science and technology should answer. This paper proposes an anonymous secure framework in connected smart home environments, using solely lightweight operations. The proposed framework in this paper provides efficient authentication and key agreement, and enables devices (identity and data) anonymity and unlinkability. It is demonstrated that computation complexity of the proposed framework is low as compared to the existing schemes, while security has been significantly improved. The proposed scheme assures us that even if the home owners device is attacked, the rest of the system will continue to work properly.