Shahed University

Nurses’ Communication With the Families of Patients at the End-of-Life

Reza Norouzadeh | Monireh Anoosheh | Fazlollah Ahmadi

Date :  2020/10/08
Publish in :    Omega= Journal of Death and Dying
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Keywords : communication; content analysis; dying; end-of-life care; family

Abstract :
Background: Effective communication is important in providing quality care to families at the end-of-life. In the end-of-life situations, the nurses views on how to communicate with the family are not well understood. Aim: This study was conducted to explore the nurses experiences of their communication with families of patients at the end-of-life situations. Methods: The authors used standards for reporting qualitative research. The data were analyzed by conventional content analysis. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 24 Iranian nurses who had the experiences of dealing with patients families at the end-of-life. Results: Nurses perceptions of communication with families emerged base on the main theme: Disrupted communication consisting of two categories: restricted communication and abortive communication. Conclusion: The results of this study highlight the need to increase the professional and ethical sensitivity of nurses in dealing with patients families at the end-of-life.