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Predictive heuristics for generating robust and stable schedules in single-machine systems under disruption

Rashed Sahraeian | Donya Rahmani | Zeinab Abtahi

Date :  2020/10/11
Publish in :    International Journal of Science and Technology, Scientia Iranica
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Keywords :Predictive heuristic; Uncertain processing times; Disruption; Stable-robust scheduling; Single machine

Abstract :
The present paper examines the problems of single-machine scheduling under disruption with uncertain processing times. The goal is to achieve schedules that are simultaneously stable and robust. To resolve such problems, in addition to exact solution approaches, a general predictive two-stage heuristic algorithm is proposed. In the rst stage of the algorithm, the optimal robust schedule is generated only by taking into account uncertain job processing times and forgoing breakdown disruptions. In the second stage, adequate additional times are embedded in job processing times to enhance stability. Extensive computational experiments are carried out to test the performances of the proposed methods. The achieved results show the superiority of the proposed general predictive heuristic approach over the common methods in the literature.

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