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Intra-hippocampal L-NAME low dose did not affect morphine antinociception in the rat formalin test

Manizheh Karami | Mohammadreza Zarrindast | Hashemi

Date :  2019/10/30
Publish in :    بيست و چهارمين کنگره فيزيولوژي و فارماکولوژِي ايران

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Keywords :Key Words: Morphine, L-NAME, NO, Antinociception, Formalin test

Abstract :
NG-Nitro-L-arginine Methyl Ester (L-NAME), the NO synthase inhibitor, intra-CA1 injection to interfere with the morphine anti-pain effect using rat formalin test. Methods: Male Wistar rats in group control received subcutaneous (s.c.) injections of formalin (50 μl at 2.5) once prior to testing. Morphine identified dose (6 mg/kg) was injected intraperituneally (i.p.) 10 min before injection of formalin. L-NAME (0.25-2 μg/rat) pre-administered (5 min) prior to the morphine injection pre-testing. Early and late phases of the formalin test were calculated and compared with the morphine as well as the control data. Results: Morphine in comparison to the control induced a significant anti-pain response both in early and late phases; however, L-NAME low (0.25 μg/rat) rather higher doses did not reverse that response. Conclusion: L-NAME low dose, based on the finding, most probably cannot interact with the modulator NO, so, it did not affect the antinociception induced of morphine in the rat hippocampal CA1.

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