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Proconvulsant effects of Nepeta menthoides hydro alcoholic extract in different seizure tests: behavioral and biochemical studies

Batool Rahmati | Fatemeh Zaeri | Azhdar Hydari

Date :  2020/11/25
Publish in :    Heliyon
DOI : 10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e05579.

Keywords :Behavioral neuroscience; Behavioral test; Biological sciences; Epileptogenic; Maximal electroshock; Nepeta menthoides; Neuroscience; Nitric oxide; Pathophysiology; Pentylenetetrazole infusion; Pentylenetetrazole kindling.

Abstract :
In Iran, both Nepeta menthoides - the endemic species of Nepeta genus - and Lavandula officinalis are known as Ustukhuddoos and used widely as medicinal herbs. In Iranian traditional medicine, Ustukhuddoos has been recommended for several neuronal diseases including depression and epilepsy. While the antiepileptic effects of Lavandula officinalis have been investigated in a number of studies, no reports are available taking into account the effect of Nepeta menthoides on epilepsy. Since convulsion is an important side effect of some medicinal plants, a thorough study of the effects of Nepeta menthoides on epilepsy seems necessary. This study was designed to investigate the potential anti- or pro-convulsant activity of Nepeta menthoides and its effects on oxidative stress markers. Since an herbal medicine showed opposite effects in two animal models of epilepsy in our laboratory, authers decided to study Nepeta effects through several seizure tests including the intravenous pentylenetetrazol (i.v. PTZ) infusion, the maximal electroshock (MES), acute PTZ and PTZ-kindling tests. These seizure models are generally used for screening pro- or anti-epileptic drugs. Nepeta menthoides (400 mg/kg) significantly reduced the dose of PTZ necessary for clonus seizure induction. Combining either phenytoin (Phen) or Valproate (Val) with Nepeta decreased their antiepileptic effects. Therefore, Nepeta menthoides not only failed to prevent the seizures but also increased sensitivity to them. Nepeta raised brain NO levels in different seizure tests. It seems there is a relation between NO elevation by Nepeta and increased sensitivity to seizures that should be investigated later.

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