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Endodontic treatment of type ?? dens invaginatus with a large periradicular lesion

Ali Ghomi Ghomi | Mohammad Alihemmati | hosain labbaf | Reza Sayyad Soufdoost

Date :  2021/02/11
Publish in :    International Journal of Medical and Dental Case Reports
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Keywords :Dens invaginatus, dental anomaly, endodontic treatment, periapical lesion

Abstract :
Dens invaginatus (DI) is an odontogenic anomaly caused by folding of enamel and dentin into pulp chamber during odontogenesis before calcification process. This is a condition that is most commonly exhibited as protrusion of a tubercle from lingual surface of anterior teeth. Management of DI varies from simple prophylactic restoration to conventional endodontic treatment or extraction which can be affected by the type of invagination, function, esthetics, and morphology of the root canal. This is the report of successful conventional endodontic treatment of a tooth affected with dens ivaginatus with a big lesion in a 30-year-old patient which was confirmed by cone beam computed tomography. Twelve months follow-up using clinical and radiographic examinations showed good apical sealing and decrease in size of periapical lesion

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