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CRM’s effect on the customer knowledge creation process and innovation

Saeed Safari | Seyed Rohollah Hosseini Mehrabadi | Ali Hossein Keshavarzi

Date :  2021/01/28
Publish in :    European Journal of International Management
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Keywords :customer relationship management; customer knowledge; knowledge creation; knowledge creation theory; innovative product/service

Abstract :
This study has investigated the effect of customer relationship management systems (CRM) on the customer knowledge creation process to produce innovative products or deliver innovative services in Parsian Insurance Company in a unique Iranian culture with completely different features from Islamic and Middle-East countries, in terms of research factors. Data was collected using a questionnaire, in a research population of 600 managers of the company’s headquarter, and representatives in Tehran province. The sample size was calculated 243 using Cochran formula; 280 questionnaires was distributed and 250 was returned. The Structural Equation Modeling was used for statistical analysis of data. The research findings showed that CRM systems, have affected the process of customer knowledge creation. The findings also confirmed that all components of customer knowledge creation process affect the innovative product/service production