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Co-authorship and citation: the case of Iranian articles in ISI databases

Hassanzadeh         Mohammad | Noroozi Chakoli         Abdolreza | Baghaei         Soolmaz | Nourmohammadi         Hamzehali

Date :  2010/10/19
Publish in :    Sixth International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics:Scientometrics and Science and Society & 11th COLLNET Meeting

Keywords :citation, articles, ISI, databases

Abstract :
Abstract This article aimed to investigate status of co-¬authorship in the Iranian articles published in ISI journals and its impact on citation to these articles. About 23497 Iranian articles which had been published in ISI journals among 1989 – 2005 were analyzed. Articles bibliographic data were extracted from Web of science (WoS) database.¬ chi- square, U Mann-Whitney and -Kruskal-Wallis tests were used to examine hypotheses. Results showed that first writer of about 23357 articles (95/1) were from Iran and about 20718 articles (88/2) were written by more than one author. Findings also showed that In 18291 articles (77/8) co-authors were from Iran. Test results showed significant relation between co-authoring and cites to articles, and simultaneously there is a significant difference between citation rate of articles co-authored by homeland and foreigner writers. Key words: co- authorship – citation rate – Iranian articles – ISI journals

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