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Multi-agent Based Controller for Voltage Enhancement in AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid Using Energy Storages

Ahmadali Khatibzadeh | Mohammadreza Besmi | Aminollah Mahabadi | Mahmoud Reza Haghifam

Date :  2017/02/03
Publish in :    Energies
Link :  http//
Keywords :Controller, Voltage, Enhancement, AC/DC, Microgrid, Storages

Abstract :
Development of renewable energies and DC loads have led microgrids toward the creation of DC networks. The predictions show that the hybrid microgrids will be used widely in the future. This article has studied the voltage stability in the presence of sources of energy storage in AC/DC hybrid networks. However, because the different dynamics of hybrid networks applying centralized and distributed controllers will be faced with different problems, in this study, a multi-agent control for the microgrid has been used. A new structure referred to here as an event-driven microgrid control management (EDMCM) has been developed to control the microgrid. This method increases response speed and accuracy of decision making. Hybrid Network Simulation results confirm the validity of the developed model.

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