Shahed University

The comparative study of graphic structure of birds’ motifs in potteries of ancient Greek and Iran civilizations

Seyed Nezamodin Emamifar | Khashayar Ghazizadeh | Samira Alizadeh Abkenar

Date :  2017/09/12
Publish in :    Journal of Science and Arts

Keywords :motifs

Abstract :
Abstract Pottery is as the most important historical monuments that left by ancient civilizations due to the large number and dating. Potteries despite the application, general formation and administrative practices, have been used up as an appropriate level for making stencils by which now are studied as a visual document that reflecting the culture, civilization, and past attitude and life. This research is descriptive and analytical and also the library study method is used for collecting data. The statistical society is over 300 inscriptions of potteries birds’ motifs in two ancient Iran and Greek civilization. Sampling method is non-random (optional); the sample size is 2 motifs, and the information analysis method is qualitative. After studying the samples, the result is that the graphic structure of birds’ motifs in the two civilizations was based on abstractionism, and also bird motifs in ancient Greek civilization had ritualistic concepts while with regard to the use of potteries in Iran civilization birds had often mythical and narrative concepts which have been traced to decorate. Key words: graphic structure, birds’ motifs, ancient Iran, ancient Greek, potteries.