Shahed University

The ?–synthesis and analysis of water level control in steam generators

Omid Safarzadeh | Mohammad Hosein Kazemi | Ahmed Salehi

Date :  2019/02/12
Publish in :     Nuclear Engineering and Technology

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Keywords :water, control, steam

Abstract :
The robust controller synthesis and analysis of the water level process in the U-tube system generator (UTSG) is addressed in this paper. The parameter uncertainties of the steam generator (SG) are modeled as multiplicative perturbations which are normalized by designing suitable weighting functions. The relative errors of the nominal SG model with respect to the other operating power level models are employed to specify the weighting functions for normalizing the plant uncertainties. Then, a robust controller is designed based on m-synthesis and D-K iteration, and its stability robustness is verified over the whole range of power operations. A gain-scheduled controller with H∞ -synthesis is also designed to compare its robustness with the proposed controller. The stability analysis is accomplished and compared with the previous QFT design. The meanalysis of the system shows that the proposed controller has a favorable stability robustness for the whole range of operating power conditions. The proposed controller response is simulated against the power level deviation in start-up and shutdown stages and compared with the other concerning controllers.