Shahed University

effectiveness of the computer-based cognition training at the university of Shahed

Manizheh Karami | Batool Rahmati | Siamak Afshinmajd | Mohsen Khalili | Gholamhosein Ghaedi

Date :  2017/10/21
Publish in :    دانشور پزشکي- دانشور سابق

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Keywords : Attention, Memory, Executive functions, Computer based cognitive training.

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ctBackground and Objective:Executive Functions, Memory and Attention has important roles in Learning, achievement and academic and job success. Studies have shown that computerized cognitive training in improving executive function, attention and memory are effective. The main purpose of this studywas to determine effectiveness of computerized cognitive training on EF, memory and attention aspectsin children of veterans were studying at universityof Shahed. Materials and Methods:The design of this study was Quasi-experimental design with pre-posttest with a control group. 22students from medical faculty of Shahed University was selected convenience sampling method and randomly allocated into two groups of experimental and control group. In pre-test IVA, CORSI and AHA tests, administrated for subjects, then computerized cognitive training program (Captain’s Log) was conducted in experimental group. After the intervention, in post-test IVA, CORSI and AHA administrated again. Results:the results from the study showed significant differences in the mean scores of pre-test and post-test in the experimental group. The Mancova analysis showed that captain’s log can effective in improvingMemory, executive function and attention domains (p0.01), however,Mancova analysis indicated that this practice cannot be effective for visual and auditory divided attention and executive control (p0.05). Conclusion:the results of this study showed that computerized cognitive training could improve and enhance memory, EF and attention domains.

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