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Development and diversity of a novel panel of short tandem repeat markers encompassing the SCN5A gene in Iranian population

Zahra Zafari | Azam Amirian | Faezeh Rahimi Nejad | Vahid Akbari | Mohammad Taghi Akbari | Sirus Zeinali

Date :  2018/04/11
Publish in :    Journal of Genetics
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Keywords :diversity, panel, tandem, repeat, markers, SCN, population

Abstract :
The SCN5A gene plays a key role in a variety of heterogeneous cardiac diseases such as congenital long QT syndrome, Brugada syndrome and sudden cardiac death. The substantial utility of highly polymorphic short tandem repeat (STR) markers in forensic and diagnosis purposes prompted us to develop and validate a panel of six novel STR markers encompassing the SCN5A gene. Allele frequencies and forensic statistics of six tetranucleotide tandem repeat markers identified by tandem repeats finder (TRF) and SERV programs and amplified in a six-plex PCR system were calculated in 60 unrelated Iranian healthy individuals. Fragment analysis revealed 6–10 alleles in six STR markers with an observed heterozygosity greater than 0.667 in five markers. The power of discrimination was more than 0.83 for the panel. This novel panel of six polymorphic STR markers with high level of heterozygosity and discrimination in each locus can help to establish a rapid and more reliable identification of the disease causative SCN5A gene and provide aid to forensic purposes and prenatal diagnosis.