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A local experience for study promotion: “Study Stations” in Tehran, Iran

Abdollahi         Masoumeh | Asnafi         Amirreza | Noroozi Chakoli         Abdolreza

Date :  2018/08/27
Publish in :    IFLA WLIC 2018 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Transform Libraries, Transform Societies

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Keywords :experience, promotion

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Abstract A local experience for study promotion: “Study Stations” in Tehran, Iran Main objective: “research Station” is one of the national public libraries institution plans to generalize and improving useful study per capita that has been started by the institution from 6 February 2013 and it is running right now. In spite of this, the users’ viewpoints have not been considered at this plan and there are not any researches about this national plan. According to this issue, the main objective of the current study is evaluation of the Tehran city study stations situation considering to the users viewpoints. Research method: This research conducted by survey method and data collection was implemented by researcher made questionnaire that its reliability and validity have been confirmed earlier. Research statistical society was 200 people from all users of the study stations of the Tehran city. To determine of the samples volume Cochran formula and to access to the statistical society systematic sampling method were used. Also to analyze of data T-test was used. Results: The results showed that the study stations advertisements, resources and management are not desirable and so far have not been able to provide user satisfaction. The results confirm the research hypothesis but according to the mean score of respondents (34.13) that is lower than assumed mean (45) we can conclude that the users are not satisfactory from advertising, resources and management of the study stations of the Tehran city. Conclusion: According to the research findings it can be stated that study stations of the Tehran city are not in good conditions and to achieve their goals they challenges to many problems in the area of management, advertising and resources.

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