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Ali Ghomi Ghomi

Assistant Professor

School of : Faculty of Dental
Department : Prosthodontics
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●   Stress distribution of esthetic posts in the restored maxillary central incisor: Three-dimensional finite-element analysis
   ◂ sayed shojaedin Shayehg, Mohammad Alihemmati, Ali Ghomi Ghomi
   ✔ 2021/02/26  1399/12/08
    Dental Research Journal

●  Endodontic treatment of type ?? dens invaginatus with a large periradicular lesion
   ◂ Ali Ghomi Ghomi, Mohammad Alihemmati, hosain labbaf, Reza Sayyad Soufdoost
   ✔ 2021/02/11  1399/11/23
    International Journal of Medical and Dental Case Reports
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●  Endodontic management of a tooth with apical overfilling and perforating external root resorption: A case report
   ◂ Ali Ghomi Ghomi, hosain labbaf, Reza Sayyad Soufdoost
   ✔ 2020/09/14  1399/06/24
    Clinical Case Reports
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●  Endodontic Management of Trauma-induced External Root Resorption Following Orthodontic Treatment by Placement of Biodentine: A Case Report
   ◂ Homeira Ansari , hosain labbaf, Ali Ghomi Ghomi, Reza Sayyad Soufdoost
   ✔ 2020/08/25  1399/06/04
    Acta Scientific Dental Sciences
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●  Oral Rehabilitation with Removable Partial Denture of a Patient with Cleidocranial Dysplasi
   ◂ Ali Ghomi Ghomi, Reza Sayyad Soufdoost, Mohammad Alihemmati, Mohammad Saeed Barzegar
   ✔ 2020/01/21  1398/11/01
    Case Reports in Dentistry

●  Evaluation of Accuracy of Conventional Visual, Spectrophotometric and 3D Scanning Methods by Using Two Shade Guide Systems
   ◂ Reza Sayyad Soufdoost, Fatemeh Emam, Homeira Ansari Lari, Ali Ghomi Ghomi, Mohammad Alihemmati
   ✔ 2019/11/13  1398/08/22
    Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences

●  Effect of Denture Cleansing Solutions on Retention of Two Types of Overdenture Attachments
   ◂ Ali Ghomi Ghomi, sayed shojaedin Shayehg, Seyed Mohammad Reza Hakimaneh, Farinaz Khodadadkashi, Niknaz Yahyazadehfar, Mohammad Alihemmati
   ✔ 2019/10/05  1398/07/13
    مجله دندانپزشکی جامعه اسلامی دندانپزشکان ایران=Journal of Islamic Dental Association of Iran- تغییریافته به: Journal of Iranian Dental Association

●  Endodontic Treatment of a Tooth with Horizontal Root Fracture by MTA Apical Plug: A Case Report
   ◂ Ali Ghomi Ghomi, Reza Sayyad Soufdoost
   ✔ 2019/05/31  1398/03/10
    Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences

●  Comparison of marginal and internal fit of 3-unit zirconia frameworks fabricated with CAD-CAM technology using direct and indirect digital scans
   ◂ Ali Arezoobakhsh, Sayed Shojaedin Shayehg, Ali Jamali Ghomi, Seyed Mohammad Reza Hakimaneh
   ✔ 2019/04/14  1398/01/25
    The Journal Of Prosthetic Dentistry

●  Endodontic management of taurodontism with an open apex in mandibular first molar: A case report
   ◂ Reza Sayyad Soufdoost, Atefeh Gohari, Ali Ghomi Ghomi
   ✔ 2018/09/06  1397/06/15
    International Journal of Medical and Dental Case Reports


●  مقایسه ازمایشگاهی تطابق مارژین و تطابق داخلی زیرکونیا
   ◂ علی ارزوبخش

●  comparison of the thermoplastic resins reinforced with ceramic particles with conventional thermoplasastic resins in fixed dental prostheses according to their flexural and tensile strength
   ◂ فرنوش تقوی دانغانی

●  effect of airparticle abrasion on the retention of the maxillary compelete denture
   ◂ سکینه برزگر

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