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Department : Electrical Engineering
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●  Optimal power allocation functions for a class of relay selection strategies employing multi-layer coding approach
   ◂ Sedigheh Latif Damavandi, Soroush Akhlaghi, Sayed Ali Khodam Hoseini
   ✔ 2019/07/30  1398/05/08
    IET Proceedings on Communication

●  Maximizing the Minimum Achievable Secrecy Rate for a two-user Gaussian weak interference channel
   ◂ Meysam Mirzaei, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2019/01/23  1397/11/03
    IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security

●  Robust Multi-Layer Coding in the Presence of Channel Distribution Uncertainty
   ◂ S.A. Khodam Hosseini, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2018/12/24  1397/10/03
    IEEE Communications Letters

●  Proper multi-layer coding in fading dirty paper channel
   ◂ S.A. Khodam Hosseini, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2018/11/29  1397/09/08
    IET Communication

●  power control and scheduling for low snr region in the uplink of two cell networks
   ◂ Ata Khalili, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2018/01/01  1396/10/11
    Journal of Communication Engineering
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●  Maximising the minimum achievable secrecy rate of two-way relay networks using the null space beamforming method
   ◂ Erfan Khordad, Soroush Akhlaghi, Meysam Mirzaee
   ✔ 2017/05/11  1396/02/21
    IET Communication

●  Secrecy Capacity of Two-Hop relay assisted Networks
   ◂ Meysam Mirzaei, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2016/11/07  1395/08/17
    Wireless Personal Communications

●  The Expected Achievable Distortion of Two-User Descentralized Interference Channels
   ◂ S.A. Khodam Hosseini, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2016/07/01  1395/04/11
    Journal of Communication Engineering
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●  Multi-layer coding strategy for multi-hop block fading channels with outage probability
   ◂ Simin Keykhosravi, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2016/06/15  1395/03/26
    Annals of Telecommunications

●  The average achievable rate of broadcast strategy in Relay-Assisted Block Fading Channels
   ◂ Mina Bagani, Soroush Akhlaghi, vali allah golzadeh
   ✔ 2016/01/10  1394/10/20
    IET Communication

Conference Papers (18)   Download XML   Download TXT

●  Rate Balancing in Full-Duplex MIMO Two-Way Relay Networks
   ◂ Erfan Khordad, Ata Khalili, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2020/03/09  1398/12/19
    Wireless and optical communications conference
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●  The Impact of Distribution Uncertainty on The Average Distortion in a Block Fading Channel
   ◂ Sayed Ali Khodam Hoseini, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory

●  Asymptotic close to optimal joint resource allocation and power control in the uplink of two-cell networks
   ◂ Ata Khalili, Soroush Akhlaghi, Meysam Mirzaee
   ✔ 2017/12/22  1396/10/01
    IEEE 4th International conference on knowledge-based engineering and innovation

●  The asymptotic secrecy rate of decentralized wireless networks
   ◂ Hourieh Ghorbani, Soroush Akhlaghi, Sayed Ali Khodam Hoseini
   ✔ 2017/07/02  1396/04/11
    25th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE)
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●  The achievable secrecy rate of multi-antenna AF relaying using joint transmit and receive beamforming
   ◂ Meysam Mirzaee, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2014/11/01  1393/08/10
    International Symposium on Telecommunication
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●  The achievable average rate-outage probability trade off curve in two-hop block fading channels
   ◂ Fatemeh Amirnavai, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2014/06/22  1393/04/01
    The IEEE International Workshop on on Signal Processing Advances in Comminications 2014
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●  Maximizing the minimum achievable secrecy rate in a two-user Gaussian interference channel
   ◂ Meysam Mirzaee, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2014/05/07  1393/02/17
    International Workshop on Communication and Information Theory 2014
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●  On the secrecy capacity of cooperative wiretap channel
   ◂ Meysam Mirzaei, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2013/04/08  1392/01/19
    International Workshop on Communication and Information Theory
   ❖ PDF

●  Delay Analysis for Fair Power Allocation Strategy in Single Antenna Broadcast Channel
   ◂ Alireza Borhani, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2010/11/11  1389/08/20
    The Sixth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications

●  Delay Analysis for Fair Power Allocation Strategy in Multi-Antenna Broadcast Channels
   ◂ alireza borhani, Soroush Akhlaghi
   ✔ 2010/11/10  1389/08/19
    International Symposium on Applied sciences and Biomedical and communication technology


●  Robust multi-layer coding in wireless networks in the presence of channel uncertainty
   ◂ سید علی خدام حسینی

●  Proper relay selection using multi-layer coding to improve the achievable rate of two-hop relay networks
   ◂ صدیقه لطیف دماوندی

●  Throughput improvment of multi-cell networks using a proper resource allocation
   ◂ عطااله خلیلی محمودابادی

●  Secrecy Rate Minimization in Relay Channels
   ◂ میثم میرزائی ونی

●  A new beamforming strategy to improve the secrecy rate of two-way relay network
   ◂ سیدمحمدعلی مطهری

●  Secrecy rate improvment in multiuser wireless networks
   ◂ حوریه قربانی

●  بهینه سازی نرخ امن در شبکه های رله دوطرفه
   ◂ عرفان خرداد

●  On the throughput of two-way relay channel in the presence of direct link without knowing the channel state information at the transmitters
   ◂ علیرضا منتظران

●  Exploiting cooperative diversity to improve the performance of two-way relay networks
   ◂ علی ذاکری

●  بهینه سازی الگوریتم سنکرونسازی گیرنده DVBT در مد کاری 2k و استخراج الگوریتم های نقطه ثابت جهت پیاده سازی بر روی یک پردازنده هدف
   ◂ مهدیه رسولی فرد

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