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Department : Electrical Engineering
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●  Optimal sparse control of interval networks: Voltage source converter based DC grid study
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii, Behrouz Nabi
   ✔ 2021/08/22  1400/05/31
    IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

●  Fast distributed control design for DC linked microgrids
   ◂ B. Nabi, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2020/05/24  1399/03/04
    International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

●  Fault detection and faulty phase(s) identification in TCSC compensated transmission lines
   ◂ Hamed Fasihipour, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2020/02/16  1398/11/27
    IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii, Zahra Shams
   ✔ 2020/02/16  1398/11/27
    International Journal of Robotics and Automation

●  Modified adaptive second order sliding mode control: Perturbed system response robustness
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2020/01/01  1398/10/11
    Computers & Electrical Engineering

●  Adaptive optimal slip ratio estimator for effective braking on a non-uniform condition road
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii, Ali Velayati
   ✔ 2019/07/28  1398/05/06
    Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications
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●  Fault severity estimation in a vehicle cooling system
   ◂ Mohsen Nemati, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2019/06/16  1398/03/26
    Asian Journal of Control

●  A Modified FOPID Versus H¥ and m Synthesis Controllers: Robustness Study
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2019/02/25  1397/12/06
    International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems

●  Multi-machine optimal power system stabilizers design based on system stability and nonlinearity indices using Hyper-Spherical Search method
   ◂ Meysam Rahmatian, S. Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2019/02/01  1397/11/12
    International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

●  Lateral control of an Aerosonde facing tolerance in parameters and operation speed: performance robustness study
   ◂ S Seyedtabaii, S Zaker
   ✔ 2018/10/10  1397/07/18
    Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control

Conference Papers (33)   Download XML   Download TXT

●  Pseudo-spectral versus Intelligent Optimal Control: Exo-Atmospheric Guidance Accuracy
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii, Hassan Gholipour
   ✔ 2021/09/11  1400/06/20
    ششمین کنفرانس ملی مهندسی مکانیک و هوافضا
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●  Electric Motor Fault Detection Using Fusion of Acoustic Signal Features
   ◂ Abbas Ramezani, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2021/09/11  1400/06/20
    ششمین کنفرانس ملی مهندسی مکانیک و هوافضا
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●  Multi-Class Motor Imagery Classification
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii, Mohammad Jyannasab
   ✔ 2021/06/10  1400/03/20
    بیستمین کنفرانس ملی دانشجویی مهندسی برق ایران
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●  Evaluation of Daily Electric Load Forecasting Algorithms
   ◂ Saeed Asghary, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2020/12/10  1399/09/20
    2nd Scientific Conference Mechnics, Electrical, Computer and Engineering Sciences
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●  بهبود رفتار غیر خطی سیستم توربین گازی V94.2 با کنترلر هوشمند
   ◂ M. Moradi, S. Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2018/10/12  1397/07/20
    کنفرانس ملی تحقیقات بنیادین در مهندسی مکانیک
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●  بهینه سازی نیروگاه توربین گازی یزد بر اساس تحلیل اگزرژی توسط الگوریتم ازدحام ذرات
   ◂ A. Xademi, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2018/10/12  1397/07/20
    کنفرانس ملی تحقیقات بنیادین در مهندسی مکانیک
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●  Application of TLBO Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization of DVR Controller
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii, Pouria Maghouli, Hamed Fasihi Pour
   ✔ 2017/07/30  1396/05/08
    International Conference on Basic Research in Electrical Engineering
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●  DVR Controlling by a Novel Method Based on Adaline Neural Network to Modifying power quality (voltage and THD) of load
   ◂ Saeed Seyedtabaii, Pouria Maghouli, Hamed Fasihipour
   ✔ 2017/07/01  1396/04/10
     2017 International Conference on Fundamental Research in Electrical Engineering
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●  Assessment of Observer Based Fault Estimators for TS Fuzzy Models
   ◂ Zahra Shams, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2017/03/07  1395/12/17
     5Th iranian joint conference on fuzzy and intelligent systems
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●  Intelligently Tuned ?-PID for Aircraft Lateral Control
   ◂ Hassan Panahi, Saeed Seyedtabaii
   ✔ 2017/02/17  1395/11/29
    Fourth National Conference and the Second International Conference on Applied Research in Electrical,Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
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●  Sheilding and Grounding Techniques


●  Improvement In Aircraft Directional Control Using ?-Synthesis In The Peresence of Nonlinearity & Disturbance
   ◂ حسن پناهی

●  Performance evaluation of modern hybrid guidance algorithms facing maneuvering targets
   ◂ محسن رضایی

●  ناتمام
   ◂ بهروز نبی

●  کار ناتمام است
   ◂ حسین تهامی فرد

●  Coordinated design of synchronous machine controller to improve stability and reduce modal interaction ‎with considering energy storage system
   ◂ میثم رحمتیان

●  ییسب
   ◂ محمد ژیان نسب

●  Fault Diagnosis of Single-Phase induction Motor based on Acoustic Signals
   ◂ عباس رمضانی قائمی

●  ناتمام .....
   ◂ محمد استادیان بیدگلی

●  Short term load forecasting using EMD and intelligent computing
   ◂ سعید اصغری

●  Performance improvements of finite horizon optimal control and guidance of ‎nonlinear system: missile application
   ◂ حسن قلی پور

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