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Department : Horticultural Sciences
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●  Potential of ultrasound and nicotinic acid to improve physiological responses and trigonelline biosynthesis in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Daryush Talei, Raheleh Najafi
   ✔ 2022/04/05  1401/01/16
    Industrial Crops and Products
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●  Identifying superior drought-tolerant Bermudagrass accessions and their defensive responses to mild and severe drought conditions
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Sowgand Sadat Ajtahed, Seyed Ali Hosseini Tafreshi
   ✔ 2021/04/21  1400/02/01
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●  Aluminum elicitation improves antioxidant potential and taxol production in hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) cell suspension culture
   ◂ Yusuf Farrokhzad , Ayatollah Rezaei
   ✔ 2020/09/16  1399/06/26
    Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus
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●   Microscopic Study of The Effect of Boron Spraying on The Pollen Tube Penetration In Apple Crosses
   ◂ Sakineh Fallah Moafi, Yavar Sharafi, Ayatollah Rezaei, Mohammad Hosain Fotokian, Mohammad Hossein Fotokian
   ✔ 2019/08/11  1398/05/20
    علوم باغبانی - علوم و صنایع کشاورزی
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●  Biochemical responses to yeast extract and sucrose in black cumin cell culture.
   ◂ Sadegh Anbarestani, Alireza Rezazadeh, Ayatollah Rezaei
   ✔ 2019/02/20  1397/12/01
    تحقیقات گیاهان دارویی و معطر ایران
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●  antagonistic effects of potassum and sodium with diffrent ratios of organic matter and pumice on the cultivation of nectarine split root
   ◂ Yavar Sharafi, Ayatollah Rezaei, Seyed Jalal Tabatabaei, Mostafa Asadi
   ✔ 2018/08/24  1397/06/02
    International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research

●  Nitric Oxide Increased the Rosmarinic Acid and Essential Oil Production in In vitro-cultured Melissa officinalis
   ◂ Sedigheh Esmailzadeh, Ayatollah Rezaei
   ✔ 2018/03/15  1396/12/24
    گیاهان دارویی=Journal of Medicinal Plants
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●  بررسی بهبود صدمات تنش شوری در دانهالهای خرمندی(Diospyros lotus L.) با پوتریسین و کیتوزان
   ◂ Fariba Rezaei Adrian, Ayatollah Rezaei, Orang Khademi, Yavar Sharafi
   ✔ 2018/02/04  1396/11/15
    به زراعی کشاورزی - کشاورزی سابق

●  Effects of Zinc Foliar Spray on Pollen Tube Growth in Pistils of Some Apple Cultivars Crosses
   ◂ Yavar Sharafi, Sekineh Fallah, Mohammad Hossein Fotokian, Ayatollah Rezaei
   ✔ 2017/12/11  1396/09/20
    تولیدات گیاهی- علمی کشاورزی سابق
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●  The intraction effect of ultrasound and salinity on growth and metabolite production in Dunaliella salina cells
   ◂ Roghiyeh Mokhberi, Alaeddin Kordenaeej
   ✔ 2016/10/21  1395/07/30
    فرایند و کارکرد گیاهی=Journal of Plant Process and Function

Conference Papers (63)   Download XML   Download TXT

●  Effect of Different Hosts on Growth and some Phytochemical Compounds of Medicinal Dodder (Cuscuta epithymum)
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Daryush Talei
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants
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●  Effect of Gamma Radiation on Production of Anticancer Drug Taxol and Antioxidant Potential in Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) Tissue Culture
   ◂ Razieh Adabi, Ayatollah Rezaei
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    هشتمین کنگره ملی گیاهان دارویی
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●  Effect of Fungal Elicitor on Growth, Antioxidant Potential and Production of some Secondary Metabolites in Hazelnut (Corylus Avellana) Cell Suspension Culture
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Reyhaneh Bagheri, Daryush Talei
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants
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●  Methyl Jasmonate Potentiated Pyruvic Acid Effect on the Production of Secondary Metabolites in King of Bitters Plant Andrographis paniculata Cell Culture
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Dariush Talei, Motahareh Gholami
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants
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●  Nitric Oxide Increased the some Secondary Metabolites, Antioxidant Potential and Proliferation in in vitro-cultured Medicinal Plant Caper Capparis spinosa
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Fatemeh Safi Alhoseini
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants
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●  Effect of Pyruvic Acid as a Precursor on the Production of Andrographolide in Andrographis Paniculata Cell Suspension Culture
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Dariush Talei, Motahareh Gholami
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants
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●  Effect of Ultrasound on Germination, Growth and Production of Trigonellin in Fenugreek Trigonella foenum graecum L.
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Raheleh Najafi
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants
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●  Increased Production of Anti-Cancer Drug Taxol and the Change in the Pattern of Protein Banding of Hazelnut Cells (Coryus Avellana) under the Effect of Yeast Extract
   ◂ Ayatollah Rezaei, Dariush Talei, Reyhaneh Bagheri
   ✔ 2019/04/24  1398/02/04
    8th National Congress on Medicinal Plants
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●  Evaluation of profiliration in Dionaea muscipula
   ◂ Iman Rohollahi, Ayatollah Rezaei, Mona Noormohammadi
   ✔ 2018/10/25  1397/08/03
    دومین کنگره بین المللی و سومین کنگره ملی گل و گیاهان زینتی ایران
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●  Micro Propagation and Adaptation of Seedlings Natanzi Pear (Pyrus communis cv. natanzi) with Mycorrhizal Infection
   ◂ azimeh hajisadeghian, Iman Rohollahi, Zahra Kahrizi, Abdullah Hashemi, Ayatollah Rezaei
   ✔ 2017/09/07  1396/06/16
    نخستین کنفرانس بین المللی و دهمین کنگره ملی علوم باغبانی ایران
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●  The effect of gamma radiation on cell growth and taxol production in tissue culture of hazelnut (Corylus avellana)
   ◂ راضیه ادبی فیروزجایی

●  Effect of fungal elicitor on growth, taxol production and protein banding pattern in cell culture of hazelnut
   ◂ ریحانه باقری افوسی

●  Effect of nitric oxide on micropropagation of caper plant (Capparis spinosa L.)
   ◂ فاطمه صفی الحسینی

●  The effect of nitrogen and nitric oxide on the production of androgrofolod in cul-ture of Andrographis paniculata cell suspension
   ◂ محمد دهقانی

●  Effect of nitric oxide on growth and production of rebaudioside in Stevia rebaudiana tissue culture
   ◂ محسن تحویلداری

●  Effect of methyl-jasmonate and epinephrine on cell growth and production of androgrophloid in cell culture of Andrographis paniculata
   ◂ مطهره غلامی زاهدی

●  The Effect of Salicylic Acid and Nitrat amonium on Growth and Secondry Metabolites Parameters in Stevia rebaudiana in Invitro
   ◂ فاطمه نمکی

●  Effects of Oxid nitric on the ....strowberry
   ◂ مریم محمودابادی

●  Effect of ultrasound waves and nicotinic acid on germination, growth and production of trigonellin in medicine plant fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)
   ◂ راحله نجفی

●  The effect of Ultra sound and calcium chloride on secondary metabolite of
   ◂ زهره پناهنده

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