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Parviz Haseli


School of : Faculty of Art
Department : Islamic Art
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●  Post-Colonial reading of calligraphy in contemporary Iran’s art
   ◂ سیدسعید حسینی

●  Image Analysis of Animals in Mathnawi Illustration from 1360 to 1394
   ◂ زینب مهدیان نسب

●  A comparative study of the depiction of the story of Prophet Yusuf in the tiles of the depictions of the Tekyeh Moaven al-molk and the House of Sa’adat
   ◂ فهیمه عندلیبی

●  Application of natural elements collage technique in childrens book illustration ( years 60 to 90)
   ◂ الهام وفایی باغکی

●  A Comparative Study of Poetry in the Khamseh Tahmasbi Version in Tabriz and Isfahan Schools
   ◂ سمیه رضائی

●  The Study of The relation between Typing and Nastaliq
   ◂ هدا کاسپور

●  Analysis of the reflection of social changes on the works of Hossein Behzad
   ◂ زینب رجبی

●  A Study and Analysis of Reza Abbasis Works and Its Impact on Isfahan School Painting Developments with Emphasis on Line and Shape Values
   ◂ حسن قلی پورمرزونی

●  Studying and analyzing the works of Master Badr Alsma, a contemporary artist
   ◂ اعظم کریمیان محمدابادی

●  Investigating the Application of Paintings in the Packaging of the Art of Crafts ( with an Emphasis on the Leather Industry )
   ◂ وجیهه قلعه نوی

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