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Mohsen Marasy

Assistant Professor - PH.d - Art Research

School of : Faculty of Art
Department : Art Research
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●  A Comparative Study of Women and Men Language in the Works of Contemporary Arab Artists on the Subject of War
   ◂ Sediqeh Pourmokhtar, Mohsen marasy
   ✔ 2022/01/17  1400/10/27
    زن در فرهنگ و هنر- پژوهش زنان سابق

●  Analysis of the Realization of the Independent Identity of the Film Still Photographer in the Film Still Photography of Ghazbanpour and Koudelka through the Theories of Genetic Criticism and Analysis of Visual Codes
   ◂ Mohsen Marasy, Amin Alikordi
   ✔ 2022/01/04  1400/10/14
    باغ نظر=Bagh-e Nazar

●  An Overview of General Methods of Construction and Fusing of Paint and Ink Through Islamic Ancient Methods
   ◂ Mohsen Marasy, Arezoo Pouryaii
   ✔ 2021/03/08  1399/12/18
    مطالعات در دنیای رنگ

●  An Overview of General Methods of Construction and Fusing of Paint and Ink Through Islamic Ancient Methods
   ◂ Sediqeh Pourmokhtar, Mohsen Marasy
   ✔ 2021/02/19  1399/12/01

●  Scrutinizing Soteriology Concept in Flood and the Ark Images
   ◂ Mohsen Marasy, Mohamadreza Hasanijalilian, Shadi Jalilian
   ✔ 2020/12/21  1399/10/01
    مطالعات تطبیقی هنر

●  A Comparative Study of 6 Selected Splash Glaze Pottery Works of Khurasan from 8th to 11th Century AD with Ideas of Abstract Expressionism (with an Emphasis on Action Painting)
   ◂ Mohsen Marasy, Mahsa Nejat, Behrouz soheili Isfahanian
   ✔ 2020/10/22  1399/08/01
    پژوهشنامه خراسان بزرگ

●  A Comparative Study of the GridGeometry in the Urbanism and Painting of the Pahlavi Era
   ◂ Mohammad reza Naeemi, Mohsen Marasy
   ✔ 2020/02/22  1398/12/03
    باغ نظر=Bagh-e Nazar

●  Analysis of the Concept of Time in Performance Art Based on Gilles Deleuze Theories
   ◂ Pouria Porkasmaei, Ahmad Nadalian, Mohsen Marasy
   ✔ 2019/08/23  1398/06/01
    کیمیای هنر

●  Representation of Gender in the Works of Self-taught Painters in Terms of Social Semiotics of the Image
   ◂ Arezou Taghupour, Fariba Yavari, Mohsen Marasy
   ✔ 2019/05/22  1398/03/01
    زن در فرهنگ و هنر- پژوهش زنان سابق

●  Metal Decorations of Door of Saheb al-Amr Mosque in Tabriz: Azerbaijan Folk Art from Qajar Era
   ◂ Akram Mohammadizadeh, Mohsen Marasy
   ✔ 2019/04/06  1398/01/17
    Journal of History Culture and Art Research-TARIH KULTUR VE SANAT ARASTIRMALARI DERGISI
   ❖ PDF


●  اسرار مرکب و رنگ سازی در نگارگری ایرانی
   ◂ ارزو پوریایی

●  The Great Painters and Photography
   ◂ محسن مراثی


●  Art and Film Still Photography: Evolution of Film Still Photography in Iran
   ◂ امین علی کردی

●  Evolutionary of Soteriology Concept and its Repercussion on Manuscript Illustrations of Safavid Dynasty (Till the end of 1632 AD)
   ◂ شادی جلیلیان

●  The classical matter from Gadamers point of view and the possibility of comparing it with traditional Iranian art
   ◂ فاطمه رجبی

●  The Explanation of Performance Art’s Potentials for Expression of Social Matters
   ◂ پوریا پور کسمایی

●  Compilation of Contemporary Metalworking Art of Azerbaijan (From 19th Century to Now)
   ◂ اکرم محمدی زاده

●  مطالعه تطبیقی ویژگی های کالبدی و طراحی شهری دو بافت شطرنجی و ارگانیک همجوار شهر تهران
   ◂ محمدرضا نعیمی

●  Identify of capabilities and functions of motion picture in Iran new arts (Case study: Interactive art)
   ◂ مهدی عطاریان

●  An ecological approach to the pathology of crafting process of Iranian local pottery; a case of Guilan ceramics
   ◂ مجید ضیایی

●  Space and digital time in multimedia art With Emphasis on ArtWorks by Daniel Steeigman Mangerane and Alessandro Ravagnan
   ◂ راضیه مختاری دهکردی

●  Identification of Production Methods and Application of Various Inks in Iranian Art from 3rd until the End of 11th Hegira Century (With Emphasis on Omdatolkotab Thesis)
   ◂ ارزو پوریائی

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