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Abazar Hajnorouzi

Assistant Professor

School of : Faculty of Basic Science
Department : Physics
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   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Amirhossein Foroozan
   ✔ 2021/10/02  1400/07/10
    Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing

●  Increase in lipid productivity and photosynthetic activities during distillery wastewater decolorization by Chlorella vulgaris cultures
   ◂ Seyed Mojtaba Soleymani Robati, Mohsen Nosrati, Faezeh Ghanati, Abazar Hajnorouzi, Dominique Grizeau, Catherine Dupré
   ✔ 2021/03/30  1400/01/10
    Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

●  Effect of ultrasonic iradiation on structure and performance of electrolytic Manganese Dioxide nono particles as catalyst for Oxygen reduction reaction on Zinc-air battery
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Z. Mardani, Z. Gerami, Mohammad Safi Rahmanifar
   ✔ 2021/02/20  1399/12/02
    مجله انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران

●  Effects of Increasing Acoustic Power at a Small-Diameter Ultrasonic Horn Tip on the Synthesis and Characteristics of MnO2 Nanoparticles
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Mohammad Safi Rahmanifar, Parvin Yaghoubi
   ✔ 2020/07/19  1399/04/29
    Journal of the Korean Physical Society

●  Direct sono electrochemical method for synthesizing Fe3O4 nanoparticles
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Nahid Modaresi
   ✔ 2020/03/21  1399/01/02
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

●  Two ultrasonic applications for the synthesis of nanostructured copper oxide (II)
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2020/02/27  1398/12/08
    Ultrasonics Sonochemistry

●  A novel method for the estimation of the acoustic bubble radius distribution
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Amir Hossein Foruzan
   ✔ 2020/01/25  1398/11/05
    Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation

●  Zinc oxide coating by ultrasonic waves and investigation of the effect of heating on it
   ◂ Fatemeh Vafadaran Tabrizi, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2019/09/22  1398/06/31
    مجله انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران

●  Myelin enhancement of Multiple sclerosis model with gold nanoparticles into the corpus callosum
   ◂ Mahjabin Khosravi, Manizheh Karami, Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2019/08/26  1398/06/04
    Nanomedicine Journal
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●  A Novel Technique to Generate Aluminum Nanoparticles Utilizing Ultrasound Ablation
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Reza Afzalzadeh
   ✔ 2019/07/02  1398/04/11
    Ultrasonics Sonochemistry

Conference Papers (15)   Download XML   Download TXT

●  بررسی اثر افزایش زمان الکترولیز بر نانوساختارهای اکسید اهن به روش الکتروشیمی مرسوم
   ◂ Alireza Asghari Sarabi, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2021/03/03  1399/12/13
    هفتمین کنگره انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران ملی- اص ا(1399)
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●   بررسی سرعت جریان صوتی ناشی از حرکت پروب فرااوا به کمک پردازش تصویر
   ◂ Mohammad Javad Kashi, Abazar Hajnorouzi, Amirhossein Foroozan
   ✔ 2021/03/03  1399/12/13
    هفتمتین کنگره انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران
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●  لایه نشانی اکسید روی با امواج فرااوا و بررسی تاثیر حرارت دهی بر ان
   ◂ Fatemeh Vafadaran Tabrizi, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2019/03/06  1397/12/15
    پنجمین کنگره انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران
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●  Effect of ultrasonic frequencies on the flour moth, Ephestia kuehniella Zeller and its parasitoid
   ◂ Fatemeh Shekofteh, Alireza Askarianzadeh, Alireza Rezazadeh, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2019/02/01  1397/11/12
    ششمین پژوهش های کاربردی در علوم کشاورزی
   ❖ PDF

●  The effect of the path length of aqueous solution in a magnetic field on the growth of calcium carbonate seeds
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Reza Afzalzadeh, Peyman Fattahi
   ✔ 2018/05/10  1397/02/20
    اولین کنفرانس ملی میکرو و نانوفناوری
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●  Measurement power of acoustic streaming in an ultrasonic horn
   ◂ Abazar Hajnorouzi, Reza Afzalzadeh
   ✔ 2018/03/07  1396/12/16
    چهارمین کنگره ملی انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایرات
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●  Gold nanoparticles show an improvement of myelin in the rats corpus callosum exposed to microinjection of L-Arginine
   ◂ Mahjabin Khosravi Bonjar, Manizheh Karami, Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2017/12/20  1396/09/29
    ششمین کنگره علوم اعصاب پایه و بالینی
   ❖ PDF

●  Comparing the presence and absence of ultrasonic waves for syntesize MnO2 nanoparticles
   ◂ Parvin Yaghoubi, Abazar Haj Norzoui, Mohammad Safi Rahmanifar
   ✔ 2017/03/01  1395/12/11
    سومین کنگره انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران
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●  Nano zinc oxide amilorate paclitaxel induced thermal neuropathic pain in mice
   ◂ Zahra Karami, Majid Hassanpour-Ezatti, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2016/12/13  1395/09/23
    هفتمین همایش ملی پژوهش های نوین در علوم و فناوری
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●  Nucleation, Growth, and Characterization of MnO2 Thin Films deposited by an Electrochemical Process on ITO
   ◂ Kobra Taherian, Mohammad Safi Rahmanifar, Abazar Hajnorouzi
   ✔ 2016/11/18  1395/08/28
    دوازدهمین کنفرانس سالیانه الکتروشیمی ایران
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●  Investigating the chemotaxis behaviors of Paramecium caudatum in the exposure to nanomaterial Fe2O3
   ◂ فاطمه غلامی هابیل

●  The protective effect of the magnetic field on the destruction effect of neurotoxin (colchicine) on neuromotor system of Paramecium caudatum in the presence of nanomaterial Fe2O3
   ◂ متینه شیخ محمدی

●  Investigation of optical and magnetic properties of hematite dopped with intermediate elements
   ◂ پری سیما شبان یزدلی

●  application of MnO2-Pt nano struture using ultrasonic irradiation on Zn Air battery
   ◂ زهرا مردانی کرانی

●  The effect of magnetic field on the inhibition of locomotor activity induced by colchicine in Paramecium caudatum
   ◂ محب محمدعربی

●  Effect of Electric Energy on Synthesis of MnO2 Nanoparticles by Simultaneous Electrochemistry and Ultrasound and Its Use in Zinc-Air Battery
   ◂ زهرا گرامی

●  Coating ZnO nanoparticles by ultrasound under different conditions and characterizing it
   ◂ فاطمه وفاداران تبریزی

●  Physical and chemical evaluation of an ultrasound probe with various sonotroids
   ◂ سعید عرب

●   The effect of sonication duty cycle on cavitation
   ◂ رضا بیک محمدی کلهر

●  Interference between morphine and colchicine in inducing motor tension of Paramecium in mild electric shock bed
   ◂ زهرا هداوندمیرزایی

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