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Akbar Nazari-Golshan

Associate Professor - Ph. D.

School of : Faculty of Basic Science
Department : Physics
Room number : 332
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Office Tel :51212224-021
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  • Design and construction of variable reluctance sensor
  • Design and construction of velocity magnetic sensor based on Hall effect 

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●  Positron nonextensivity effect on the propagation of dust ion acoustic Gardner waves
   ◂ Akbar Nazari-Golshan, V. Fallahi
   ✔ 2021/08/20  1400/05/29
    Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A: A Journal of Physical Sciences

●  Dependence of mode profile on the pumping configuration of a LED-pumped Ce:Nd:YAG laser
   ◂ Akbar Nazari-Golshan, ّF. Hokmabadi, A.H. Farahbod
   ✔ 2021/04/20  1400/01/31
    علوم و فنون هسته ای

●  Nano-pumping of fullerene and water molecules via a carbon nanotube in vacuum and aqueous environments
   ◂ Akbar Nazari-Golshan, Mehran Shahryari, S. Salman Nourazar
   ✔ 2021/02/02  1399/11/14
    The European Physical Journal Plus

●  Investigation of Shock Waves in Nonextensive Electron–Positron–Ion Plasma with Relativistic Ions
   ◂ Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2020/10/03  1399/07/12
    Plasma Physics Reports

●  Non-integer spin-polarized conductance in multichannel magnetic point contacts
   ◂ V. Fallahi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/09/18  1398/06/27
    The European Physical Journal B

●  Spin-Polarized Currents Induced by Multichannel Magnetic Point Contacts
   ◂ V. Fallahi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/09/17  1398/06/26

●  Fractional generalized Kuramoto Sivashinsky equation: formulation and solution
   ◂ Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/07/04  1398/04/13
    The European Physical Journal Plus

●  Derivation and solution of space fractional modified Korteweg de Vries equation
   ◂ A. Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/06/29  1398/04/08
    Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation

●  Theoretical investigation of the behavior of the spherical ion acoustic solitons in two-temperature plasma
   ◂ Mahzad Nezam, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/04/26  1398/02/06
    علوم و فنون هسته ای

●  On the expedient solution of the magneto-hydrodynamic Jeffery-Hamel flow of Casson fluid
   ◂ S. S. Nourazar, A. Nazari-Golshan, F. Soleymanpour
   ✔ 2018/11/05  1397/08/14
    Scientific Reports

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●  The effect of laser longitudinal Modes on the SBS pulse compression in a two-pass structure
   ◂ M. Jaberi, M. Karbalaee zadeh, Akbar Nazari-Golshan, G. AbbasiZadeh, ُS. Mohseni, M. S. Mamdouhi
   ✔ 2021/08/26  1400/06/04
    کنفرانس فیزیک ایران 1400
   ❖ PDF

●  Investigation of Energy Flux effect on the reflected pulse width from phase conjugate mirror based on stimulated Brillouin scattering
   ◂ M. Jaberi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan, P. Jamshidi, M. R. Jafari
   ✔ 2019/08/29  1398/06/07
    کنفرانس فیزیک ایران 1398
   ❖ PDF

●  Investigation of Solitary Waves in a Plasma with Negative Ions
   ◂ Ali Akbar Raei, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/07/17  1398/04/26
    هفتمین کنفرانس مهندسی و فیزیک پلاسما
   ❖ PDF

●  Experimental investigation of the presence of Ag nanoparticles in scattering cell and variation of beam from cell
   ◂ S. M. Davoodi, M. Jaberi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/03/06  1397/12/15
    پنجمین کنگره ملی انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران
   ❖ PDF

●  Changes in the backward stokes pulse compression in Stimulated Brillouin Scattering by the presence of Ag nanoparticles
   ◂ M. Jaberi, S. M. Davoodi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan, M. R. Jafari
   ✔ 2019/01/29  1397/11/09
    بیست و پنجمین کنفرانس اپتیک و فوتونیک ایران و یازدهمین کنفرانس مهندسی و فناوری فوتونیک ایران
   ❖ PDF

●  Effect of Interaction Geometry on the Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
   ◂ M. Jaberi, P. Jamshidi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/01/29  1397/11/09
    بیست و پنجمین کنفرانس اپتیک و فوتونیک ایران و یازدهمین کنفرانس مهندسی و فناوری فوتونیک ایران
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●  Experimental study of mode structure of a LED-pumped laser oscillator
   ◂ F. Hokmabadi, A. H. Farahbod, S.Tajabadi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/01/29  1397/11/09
    بیست و پنجمین کنفرانس اپتیک و فوتونیک ایران و یازدهمین کنفرانس مهندسی و فناوری فوتونیک ایران
   ❖ PDF

●  LED-pumped Ce:Nd:YAG Multi-pass Optical Amplifier
   ◂ A. H. Farahbod, S.Tajabadi, F. Hokmabadi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan
   ✔ 2019/01/29  1397/11/09
    بیست و پنجمین کنفرانس اپتیک و فوتونیک ایران و یازدهمین کنفرانس مهندسی و فناوری فوتونیک ایران
   ❖ PDF

●  Investigation of solitons in plasma by perturbation method
   ◂ Akbar Nazari-Golshan, Mehzad Nezam
   ✔ 2018/07/18  1397/04/27
    ششمین کنفرانس مهندسی و فیزیک پلاسما
   ❖ PDF

●   Interaction of laser field by Ag nano particle in Brillouin scattering cell
   ◂ S. M. Davoodi, M. Jaberi, Akbar Nazari-Golshan, F. Rezazadeh, M. R. Jafari
   ✔ 2018/05/15  1397/02/25
    دومین کنفرانس ملی علوم و فناوری نانو
   ❖ PDF


●  Study of the effect of longitudinal modes on the back scattered pulse behavior from stimulated Brillouin scattering-phase conjugate mirror
   ◂ مینو کربلائی زاده بابکی

●  Investigation of shock dynamic waves in magnetic plasma
   ◂ محیا عباسی

●  Plasma Antennas Optimization
   ◂ محمدمهدی سربازحسینی

●  Investigation of heat transfer in suspension plasma spraying
   ◂ فاطمه کبیری

●  Analytical study of heat transfer in laser welding process
   ◂ زهرا بختیاری

●  Experimental Study of Mode Structure of a LED-pumped Laser Oscillator
   ◂ فایزه حکم ابادی

●  The solution of Schamel equation in plasma with negative ions using homotopy perturbation method
   ◂ علی اکبر راعی

●  Experimental study of the LED-pumped solid-state multi-pass optical amplifier
   ◂ سمیرا تاج ابادی

●  Study of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering on back scattered beam quality
   ◂ پگاه جمشیدی

●  Investigation of Stimulated Brillouin -Mie scattering from nanoparticle suspensions in the scatterer cell
   ◂ سیده مولود داودی

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