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Maryam Tehranchi

Assistant Professor

School of : Faculty of Dental
Department : Periodontics
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●  CBCT Evaluation of the Position of Palatal Neurovascular Bundle and the Greater Palatine Foramen in an Iranian Population
   ◂ Shahriyar Shahab, Mehrdokht Safavi, Feriyal Taleghani, Maryam tehranchi, Saeed Mahdipour Ganji
   ✔ 2021/10/04  1400/07/12
    Journal of Iranian Dental Association- Previous Title: Journal of Islamic Dental Association of Iran

●  Evaluation of Knowledge of Pregnant Mothers about Periodontal Diseases and their Relationship with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
   ◂ Maryam tehranchi, fershte shanei, samira heidari, Feriyal Taleghani
   ✔ 2020/06/22  1399/04/02
    دانشور پزشکی- دانشور سابق

●  In Vitro Assessment of Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Biofilm Effects of Nanosilver Solution on Dental Plaque Microorganisms
   ◂ Sadegh Khodayi, Amir Shafaeei, Rokhsareh Sadeghi, Ferial Taleghani, Maryam tehranchi
   ✔ 2020/06/04  1399/03/15
    مجله دانشکده دندانپزشکی مشهد=Journal of Mashhad Dental School

●  A collagen-based hydrogel containing tacrolimus for bone tissue engineering
   ◂ Hassan Semyari, Maryam Tehranchi, Mir Ahmad Nabavi, Hossein Semyari, Mir Hamed Nabavi, Majid Salehi, Arian Ehterami, Farshid Bastami
   ✔ 2019/08/19  1398/05/28
    Drug Delivery and Translational Research
   ❖ PDF

●  Prevalence and location of the posterior superior alveolar artery using cone-beam computed tomography
   ◂ Maryam Tehranchi, Ferial Taleghani, Shahriar Shahab, Arash Nouri
   ✔ 2017/03/30  1396/01/10
    Imaging Science in Dentistry

●  Prevalence, Location, and Size of Maxillary Sinus Septa: Computed Tomography Scan Analysis
   ◂ Ferial Taleghani, Maryam Tehranchi, Shahryar Shahab, Zahra Zohri
   ✔ 2017/01/01  1395/10/12
    Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice


●  dental pre board question
   ◂ مریم طهرانچی شهرزاد شاه بیگ شبنم نیک نیاز


●  Cone-Beam computed tomography based evaluation of mandibular lingual foramina and incisive canal in Iranian population
   ◂ مبینا طرشتی نژاد

●  Synthesis and characterization of PCL/Gelatin nanofiber/Nanoclay scaffold containing Hesperitin prepared via freeze-casting method for bone tissue engineering: An in-vitro and in-vivo study
   ◂ سعید مهدی پور گنجی

●  Synthesis and characterization of PCL/ Gelatin nanofiber /Nanoclay scaffold containing Silibinin prepared via freeze-casting method for bone tissue enginnering
   ◂ محمد حسین تایید

●  CBCT evaluation of neurovascular bundle position ,greater palatineforamen location &palatal masticatory mucousal thickness in an Iranian community
   ◂ سیده مهردخت صفوی

●  Evaluation of Knowledge of Pregnant Mothers about Periodontal Diseases and their Relationship with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
   ◂ سمیرا حیدری ارچندانی

●  Evaluation of the Effect of Low-Level Laser Therapy and Leukocyte and- Platelet Rich Fibrin in Bone Regeneration: Histologic and Histomorphometric Study on Rabbit Calvarium
   ◂ فرشته شانه ای

●  Evaluation of on anti-fungal effect of essential oil of Rose and compound mouthwash (rose essential oil, grape vinegar) on candida strains (albicans and non-albicans)
   ◂ مهدی تقی زاده شاه ابادی

●  In-vitro comparative study on the effect of Nano silver and chlorhexidine on the oral bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation
   ◂ امیر شفایی مبارکه

●  the effect of controlled release of tacrolimus from collagen hydrogel scaffold on bone regeneration
   ◂ میرحامد نبوی

   ◂ ارش نوری خرم ابادیان

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