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Ghasem Azimi

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School of : Faculty of Medicine
Department : Emergency Medicine
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●  A clinicopathological approach to sulfur mustard-induced organ complications: a major review
   ◂ Hassan Ghasemi, Parviz Owlia, Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan, Shahryar Pourfarzam, Ghasem Azimi, Mohammad-Ebrahim Yarmohammadi, Jalaleddin Shams, Faramarz Fallahiarezoudar, Sakine Moaiedmohseni, Athar Moin, Roya Yaraee, Mohammadreza Vaezmahdavi, Soghrat Faghihzadeh, Zuhair Mohammad Hassan, Mohammad-Reza Soroush, Mohammad-Mehdi Naghizadeh, Susan K. Ardestani, Tooba Ghazanfari
   ✔ 2013/02/08  1391/11/20
    Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology
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●  Evaluation of serum cyfra21 in patients with pleural effusion
   ◂ Bentolhoda Rezadoost, Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan, Ali Davati, Ghasem Azimi
   ✔ 2012/10/15  1391/07/24
    Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal
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●  Eustachian tube function in repeated upper Respiratory tract Infrctions
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi, Azimi Ghasem, Amiri, Sepiden, Divanbeigi Ashkan
   ✔ 2011/11/30  1390/09/09
    Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

●  Impulse O(scillometry system in Patients with stable COPK : A retrospectiv study in tehran - Iran
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi, Azimi Ghasem, Divanbeigi Ashkan
   ✔ 2011/11/30  1390/09/09
    Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

●  Maximal Respiratory pressures in Patients with COPD
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi
   ✔ 2011/05/15  1390/02/25
    Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal

●  impulse oseillometry system in patients with stabe COPD
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi, Ashkan Divan Beigi
   ✔ 2011/05/01  1390/02/11
    Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
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●  Eustachian tube function in prepeated upper respiratory tract infection
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi
   ✔ 2011/01/10  1389/10/20
    Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
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●  Expression of the Apoptosis Inhibitor Bcl-2 in Sputum Eosinophils in Patients with Asthma
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi, Hesam Amini, Niusha Andalibi
   ✔ 2010/11/30  1389/09/09
    Iranian Journal of Pathology

●  Evaluation of vertigo and dizziness and effecacy of doppler ultrasonography in its management
   ◂ Reza Afshar, Ghasem Azimi, Gholamhosein Ghaedi, Siamak Afshinmajd, Mohammad Yarmohammadi
   ✔ 2009/12/06  1388/09/15
    Iranian Journal of Neorology- It,s Title Changed

●  Tuberculous aneurysm of descending aorta
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi
   ✔ 2009/09/01  1388/06/10
    Pakistan journal of radiology
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●  Bacterial Colonization in Tracheal Tube of ICU patients
   ◂ Maryam Amini, Ali Davati, Ghasem Azimi, ahmad javanmard
   ✔ 2009/08/23  1388/06/01
    Iranian Journal of Pathology

●  Tuberculous aneurysm of Descending aorta : Report anew case with CT anglographic appearance
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi, Sofia Sabouri, Alireza Khatami, Ghasem Azimi, Mastooreh Mehrafain
   ✔ 2009/06/15  1388/03/25
    Pakistan journal of radiology

●  Long-term pulmonary complications in sulfur mustard victims of Sardasht, Iran
   ◂ Shahryar Pourfarzam, Tooba Ghazanfari, Javad Merasizadeh, Mostafa Ghanei, Ghasem Azimi, Hassan Araghizadeh, Abbas Foroutan, Jalaleddin Shams, Hassan Ghasemi, Roya Yaraee, Shamsa Shariat-Panahi, Mohammad Reza Soroush, Zuhair Mohammad Hassan, Sakine Moaiedmohseni, Mohammadreza Jalali Nadoushan, Faramarz Fallahiarezoudar, Mohammadreza Vaezmahdavi, Athar Moin, Zeinab Ghazanfari, Sulayman Ghaderi, Mohammad Ebrahim Yarmohammadi, Mohammad Mehdi Naghizadeh, Soghrat Faghihzadeh
   ✔ 2009/05/03  1388/02/13
    Toxin Reviews

●  Adding liver window setting to the standard abdominal CT scan protocol : Is It useful
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi, S.Sabouri, A.Khatami, P. Asadeh, J. Ghoroubi, Gh. Aximi
   ✔ 2008/05/15  1387/02/26
    Iranian Journal of Radiology

●  Radiographic findings of pulmonary tuberculosis in Tehran in comparison with other institutional studies
   ◂ Ghasem Azimi, Jamzad M.Shahnazi, Khatami, Gh. Azimi, Gh.Khanbavaee, L.Salimi, M.Menatarin
   ✔ 2008/04/15  1387/01/27
    Iranian Journal of Radiology


●  تفسیر رادیوگرافی قفسه سینه در بخش مراقبت های ویژه
   ◂ قاسم عظیمی، ایمان انصاری

●  اصول تصویربرداری قفسه سینه فلسون
   ◂ قاسم عظیمی، محمدرضا حسینی سیانکی

●  larning pulmonary sounds

●  Pulmonary function tests in clinical paractice
   ◂ دکتر ابوالحسن میرزایی ، دکتر حسین مسکار

●  Pulmonary Medicine subspecialty consult

●  Pulmonary function tests in clinical paractice

●  Blood Gas Analysis
   ◂ دکتر قاسم عظیمی ، فاطمه باقری


●  Mycoplasma pneumoniae Bacteria in patients with atypical pneumonia admitted to hospitals in Tehran in 1394 by culture and Molocular PCR
   ◂ زهرا بابایی

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