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Mohammad Niakan

Assistant Professor

School of : Faculty of Medicine
Department : Microbiology
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●  Detection and Evaluation of Macrolide Resistance (Erythromycin) in Mycoplasma hominis Isolated from Endocervical Specimens of Patients Referring to Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Centre, Tehran, Iran
   ◂ Soheila Ansaripour, Iman Pouladi, Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi, Faezeh Nazarzadeh, Mohammad Niakan
   ✔ 2022/05/08  1401/02/18
    International Journal of Fertility and Sterility
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●  Effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles on physical and antimicrobial properties of resin?modified glass ionomer cement
   ◂ Mahshid Basir, zahra malekhoseini, saba siabani, Mohamad Rezvani, Mohammad Niakan, hamid safaralizadeh
   ✔ 2021/12/07  1400/09/16
    Dental Research Journal

●   Molecular Characterization of Antibiotic Resistance Associated with TEM and CTX-M ESBL in Uropathogenic E. coli Strains Isolated from Outpatients
   ◂ Sorour Farzi, Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi, Mohammad Niakan, Reza Ranjbar
   ✔ 2021/09/06  1400/06/15
    Iranian Journal of Pathology

●  Antibiotic resistance assessment of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates from Tehran hospitals due to the presence of efflux pumps encoding genes (adeA and adeS genes) by molecular method
   ◂ Shahriar Bakhti, Reza Mirnejad, Mohammad Niakan, Hamed Afkhami, Batool Basatian, Fatemah Sameni, Mansoor Khaledi
   ✔ 2020/11/19  1399/08/29
    BMC Research Notes
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●  Antibacterial Activity of a Glass Ionomer Containing Silver Nanoparticles Agai nst Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguinis
   ◂ Hamidreza Moshfeghi, Rokhsareh Sadegh, Roza Haghgoo, Mohammad Niakan, Mohamad Rezvani
   ✔ 2020/10/22  1399/08/01
    Indian Journal of Dental Research

●  Frequency of antimicrobial resistance and class 1 and 2 integrons in Escherichia coli strains isolated from urinary tract infections
   ◂ Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi, Mohammad Niakan, Reza Ranjbar, Mahboobe Mirnezami
   ✔ 2020/09/14  1399/06/24
    Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

●  The Prevalence of 23S rRNAMutations in ML-Resistant M. pneumoniaeIsolates to Clarithromycin in Patients with Respiratory Infections
   ◂ Mohammad Niakan, Hanie beikmohammadi, Iman pouladi, Mohammad reza zolfaghari
   ✔ 2020/07/20  1399/04/30
    Reports of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
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●  Distribution of Pathogenicity Islands Among Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Isolates From Patients With Urinary Tract Infections
   ◂ Mohammad Niakan, Ehsan Asadi, Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
   ✔ 2020/05/28  1399/03/08
    International Journal of Enteric Pathogens
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●  Molecular Detection of AdefgEfflux Pump Genes and their Contribution to Antibiotic Resistance in Acinetobacter baumanniiClinical Isolates
   ◂ Reza Mirnejad, Mohammad Niakan, Rasoul kaviani, Iman pouladi
   ✔ 2020/01/20  1398/10/30
    Reports of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
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●  The Prevalence of Atypical Pneumonia Caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae (P1 gene) in Patients with Respiratory Infections by Culture and Molecular PCR Methods in Tehran, Iran
   ◂ Zahra babaie, Abass Ashtari, ghasem Azimi, Iman pouladi, Mohammad Niakan
   ✔ 2020/01/13  1398/10/23
    Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology
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Conference Papers (45)   Download XML   Download TXT

●  Molecular detection of AdeFG efflux pump genes in clinical isolates of Acinetobacter baumannii and their rol in antibiotic resistance in Tehran
   ◂ Mohammad Niakan, Reza Mirnejad, Zahra Salahi, Rasoul Kaviani, Iman Pouladi
   ✔ 2019/08/28  1398/06/06
    بیستمین کنگره بین المللی میکوبشناسی ایران
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●  Antimicrobial and clinical effects of ozonized water chlorhexidin amoxycillin-metronidazol on porphyromonas gingivalis
   ◂ Mohammad Niakan, Zahra Sarabadani, Hasan Semyari, Zahra Soltani
   ✔ 2018/09/04  1397/06/13
    نوزدهمین کنگره بین الملی میکروب شناسی
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●  Anti biotic resistance gen codin of efflux pomp ( ADEAe ADEAs) in Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from patents by molecular methods
   ◂ Zahra Soltani, Batool Bostanian, Mohammad Niakan
   ✔ 2018/09/04  1397/06/13
    نوزدهمین کنگره بین الملی میکروب شناسی
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●   Study on Antimicrobial effects of methanolic and aquatiextracts of Rubia tinctroum leaves on Acinetobacter baumanniic
   ◂ Mohammad Niakan
   ✔ 2018/02/01  1396/11/12
    دهمین کنگره بین المللی ازمایشگاه و بالین
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●  Evaluation of prevalence of Mycoplasma pneumonia in the patients with pneumonia referred to the Mustafa Khomeini Hospitsl in Tehran 2015
   ◂ Mohammad Niakan, Ghasem Azimi, Aminollah Farzan
   ✔ 2017/02/22  1395/12/04
    نهمین کنگره بین المللی ازمایشگاه و بالین
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●  Antibacterial Effect of Guaiacum metanolic extract on clinicaly Isolated Acinetobacter bbumannii
   ◂ Mohammad Niakan, Farhad Jafari, ali abbasi bargooei
   ✔ 2017/02/22  1395/12/04
    نهمین کنگره بین المللی ازمایشگاه و بالین
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●  Inhibitory effects of Camellia scinces on the periodontal diseases causing anaerobic bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis
   ◂ Leila Rahim Vandkhankhaghaghi, Mohammad Niakan, Jalayer, Rahim vand
   ✔ 2014/08/26  1393/06/04
    پانزدهمین کنگره بین المللی میکروبیولوژی ایران
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●  تاثیر اکسید روی و نیترات نقره نانوذره بر استاف اریوس و اسینتو باکتر و سودو موناس
   ◂ elham esmaeili, Mohammad Niakan, esmaeili
   ✔ 2014/08/26  1393/06/04
    پانزدهمین کنگره بین المللی میکروبیولوژی ایران
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●  Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans as a periodontopathic bancteria susceptibility to camellia siensis extracts
   ◂ Hadise Jamshidian Ghale Sefidi, Jalayer, Jamshidian, Mohammad Niakan
   ✔ 2014/08/26  1393/06/04
    15th International Iranian Congress of Microbiology
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●  Antimicrobial effects of zinc oxide and silver nitrate Nanio particles on s. aureus , Abaumannii and P. aeroginosa
   ◂ elham esmaeili, esmaeili, Mohammad Niakan
   ✔ 2014/08/26  1393/06/04
    15th International Iranian Congress of Microbiology
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●  Laboratory diagnostic of Cell culture Mycoplasma by culture and PCR methods in Biological floid
   ◂ محمد نیاکان. سلیمه اهنگران.زهرا صلاحی

●  Comprehensive Text book of Medical Microbiology
   ◂ دکتر محمد نیاکان . سعید بشارتی

●  Microbilogy in Dentistry
   ◂ محمد نیاکان رویا حامدی الهام علی اصغر مهدی اکبری

●  Probiotic,s In Allergic Disease
   ◂ دکتر محمد نیاکان - مجتبی حنفی - محسن عبدالملکی

●  Microbial Toxins
   ◂ دکتر محمد نیاکان- فاطمه ریاحی-باقر مرادی

●  Jawetz Microbiology
   ◂ رحیمی عبداکریم-اطهری عمید - ...نیاکان محمد

●  Molecular biology tecniks
   ◂ نیاکان محمد - حبیبی مهری- اسدی کرم علیرضا


●  Study of pathogenic E. coli frequency and identification of SHV, TEM and CTX genes which producing ESBL from infants and children under 10 years old suffering from diarrhea in Omidieh in 1400
   ◂ سلمان محمدی نیا

●  Isolation and identification of Mycoplasma hominis and resistance mutation erythromycin in infertile women by PCR method
   ◂ فوزیه نظرزاده

●  P1 gene in mycoplasma isolated from Atypic pneomonia by molecular methods and IgG titer ,MIC to ciprofloxacin
   ◂ زهره دارابی

●  Comparsion of two method :Real time PCR(Cephide Set)” with Revers dot blot(Ebrid flow chip)in detection of high risk genotype of Human papiloma virus in women.
   ◂ الهام امینی

●  Detection of m Pneumoia and mutation to macrolid resistance in Atopic pneumonia of Tehran hospitals by molecular methods
   ◂ محسن طاهری

●  Detection of m Pneumoia and mutation to macrolid(Erytromycin) resistance in Atopic pneumonia of Tehran hospitals by molecular methods
   ◂ ایمان عسگری

●  Antimicrobial effect of aqueous extracts of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and santalum album on Acinetobacter baumannii isolated from Tehran hospitalized patients in 2015-2016.
   ◂ علی شمص

●  بررسی مقاومت های انتی بیوتیکی ناشی از حضور ژن های کد کننده ی افلاکس پمپ در اسینتو باکتر بومانی ایزوله شده از بیماران شهر تهران با روش مولکولی PCR
   ◂ بتول بساطیان تشکن

●   Efflux pomp gens in antibiotic resistant clinical isolated Acinetobacter baumannii by molecular methods i
   ◂ سمانه غفاری مجلج

●  Study on Antimicrobial Effects of methanolic and aquatic extracts of Juglans regia, Punica granatum and Rubia tinctorum leaves on Acintobacter baumannii isolated from Tehran
   ◂ محمد جعفرپورزیده سرایی

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