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The Relationship between Emotion Regulation and Physical Fitness Level Related to Health in Tehran Firefighter

Nahid Talebi | Akbar Rezazadeh

Date :  2020/12/05
Publish in :    دوازدهمين همايش بين المللي علوم ورزشي

Keywords :Health related fitness; Emotion regulation; Firefighters

Abstract :
Emotional adjustment as external and internal processes is responsible for monitoring, evaluating,and modifying emotional responses, especially time-intensive and time-consuming features to target the individual. Having high fitness is one of the most effective strategies in emotion regulation. Accordingly, the present study investigated the relationship between emotion regulation and physical fitness level associated with firefighters health in Tehran. This is a cross-sectional study. The statistical population consisted of all firefighters operating in the fire department of Tehran city. 341 persons with the mean age of 33 years were selected using simple random sampling. To do this study: Coopers test to assess cardiovascular endurance performance, body composition assessment by body mass index, sit-and-go test to assess abdominal muscle strength and endurance, flexibility test to evaluate flexibility of the back and waist muscles, Barfix test was used to assess shoulder girdle muscles strength and endurance and emotional adjustment questionnaire (ERSQ) was used to assess emotion regulation. Data were analyzed using Pearson correlation coefficient and linear regression at alpha level of 0.05. The results of correlation analysis showed that there was a positive relationship between the components of physical fitness related to health (cardiovascular endurance, abdominal muscle endurance, shoulder belt muscle endurance, flexibility), and the component of body mass index. Negative with the amount of emotion regulation. Results of regression analysis showed that all components of physical fitness have predictive power of emotion regulation. There is a significant relationship between all components of fitness related to health with emotion regulation management and having high fitness is effective in positive emotion regulation. Therefore, it is recommended to improve the physical health and physical fitness of firefighters in order to perform an effective task.

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