Shahed University

The Effect of Human Resource Management Functions On Quality of Services

Mehdi Alipour | Saeed Safari | Abdolreza Beyginia | Mahdi Alipour

Date :  2014/12/31
Publish in :    International Journal of Business and Management Invention

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Keywords :Resource, Management, Functions

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ABSTRACT : In the first step, the organizations require expert and talented human resource to improve the quality of services. Due to the position of human resources, this research to measure the role of human resource management functions on the quality of service, this study aimed to determine the impact of the functions of human resource management on the quality of services of Shahed University. To illustrate it, the impact of eight functions of human resource management (selection and employment, education, career and promotion, job security, performance evaluation, giving reward, participation in decision making, job design) on the quality of the services of the university were measured. The tests of Kolmogorov-Smirnov, ANOVA, Pearson correlation, confirmatory factor analysis and path coefficient were used for measuring the research hypothesis; Regression testing results show that the variables of selection and employment, job security, performance evaluation, giving reward and job design had meaningful and positive impact; while the variables of education, career and participation had no effect on the quality of services. KEYWORDS: functions of human resources management, quality of services, universit

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