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A Scientometric Analysis on documents associated with Iran in AGRIS

Makizadeh         Fatemeh | Noroozi Chakoli         Abdolreza | Tavakolizadeh         Mohammad | Taherizadeh         Ali

Date :  2017/12/15
Publish in :    12th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics, and Scientometrics (WIS) and the 17th COLLNET Meeting 2016 12-15th December 2016,Nancy, F

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Keywords :documents, associated

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Abstract Introduction: Agriculture sector is considered among high-priority sectors in development plans of the Islamic Republic of Iran whereas a considerable part of goals set in the countrys national and upstream documents deal with agriculture. The countrys main responsible authority for developing the sector is the Ministry of Agriculture. However, academic centers and research institutions have also been given certain roles especially in developing agricultural science and technologies. Developing agricultural science can largely support the Ministry of Agriculture and its subdivisions, since development of modern and scientific agriculture mainly depends on agricultural science. Nowadays, scientometric enables us, through specific tools and methods, to measure science in different spheres including agriculture and its related sciences. Through scientometric, one can figure out how efficiently each and every university or scientific institute is performing its tasks. It is now possible to estimate under which circumstances, those universities and institutes have managed to play their roles. Moreover, one could evaluate Irans strengths and weaknesses in agricultural subdivisions so that the countrys decision-makers in the sphere can be given required information on management and data. Content analysis is an authentic method through which scientometrics could be performed on articles and generated documents in each sector and necessary analyses would be available. The method is considered as a research method and analytical tool in many researches in different disciplines in particular information science and its interdisciplinary fields. The content analysis method is disciplined, objective and quantitative while it is used for analyzing obvious messages of articles through statistical means. It is also the most common experimental approach for analyzing documents. Hence, using content analysis method enables us to present more realistic results and analyses of scientometric on knowledge content produced by researchers in Irans agricultural sector. On the other hand, such analyses should be performed on articles and documents which have been published in specialized and authentic agricultural databases. One of the most important international databases in agricultural sectors is AGRIS which is globally accepted among the researchers. The database has a long history, diverse documents, high-quality articles, and uses high standards in evaluating and selecting journals while it has many other outstanding characteristics including comprehensiveness of subjects and geographical coverage. Such unique characteristics make it possible to analyze agricultural articles through scientometric and present the results based on the documents provided by the database. The articles published on this specialized database are often very interesting for the agricultural sector researchers as such articles are up-to-date and short enough, while they easily transfer the results to the readers and introduce the latest researches in a simple way (Noei, 2011). It should be considered that the articles and their scopes continuously grow in number on the database in a way that they have helped increase the number of agricultural subdisciplines. Growing the number of agricultural subdisciplines, like any other scientific field, depends on numerous factors among which the scope of research for each subdiscipline on the database is of great importance. Therefore, since the published articles on the database act as facilitators of knowledge development in the sphere, they can be seen as channels to establish scientific relationships. Based on specific scientific language, these articles inform the researchers of the latest and most credible scientific and research achievements so they play a crucial role in promotion of science. Methodology: This research is by essence among the applied researches of scientometric using co-occurrence of wo

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