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Amir Hossein Toorani | Habib Abbasipour

Date :  2019/04/04
Publish in :     Fresenius Environmental Bulletin- Advances in Food Sciences

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Keywords :LIFE, LEAF

Abstract :
The citrus leaf roller (CLR), Archips rosanus (L.) (Lep.: Torticidae) is one of the most threatening pests of leaf buds and blossoms in fruit trees, which in recent years has caused considerable damage to citrus trees in some parts of Mazandaran province of Iran. The bionomics and life history of the pest was studied in natural and laboratory conditions in 2017. Based on the results obtained in vitro, five larval instars of the citrus leaf roller were found on both hosts of Thomson-Novel orange and Unshu mandarin trees. As the age of larvae increased, the width of the head capsule and the length of the larval body was expanded. The length of the body at the age of 4th instar larvae was between 9 and 11 mm in males and females. While this size was observed between 14 and 15 mm at the age of 5th instar. The longest period of larval instars was observed at age 5th, which was nearly between 6 and 7 days. The longevity of the adult insect was observed in laboratory conditions between 16 and 18 days. The longevity of the adult on the mandarin host was less than orange. The egg hatching time on the orange host was 8 days, while it lasted 10 days on the mandarin host. The results of experiments in field conditions were such that hatching all eggs on orange and mandarin hosts lasted 16 and 22 days, respectively. The activity of adult males captured by the pheromone traps containing the artificial pheromone capsule of the female was on January 15 to January 18 on Thomson- Novel orange and mandarin hosts in field conditions. The length of the flight period in the orange orchard was 33 days and, in the mandarin was 28 days. The length of the oviposition period on citrus cultivars lasted about 15 days. This moth has one generation per year and overwinters as the egg. The findings of this study can be useful in the Integrated Management Plan for citrus pest control, implemented by experts and practitioners.

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