Shahed University

An optimized mesh partitioning in finite element method based on element search technique

Vahid Shiralinezhad | Hamid Moslemi

Date :  2019/05/15
Publish in :    Computers and Concrete

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Keywords :optimized, partitioning, finite, search, technique

Abstract :
The substructuring technique is one of the efficient methods for reducing computational effort and memory usage in the finite element method, especially in large-scale structures. Proper mesh partitioning plays a key role in the efficiency of the technique. In this study, new algorithms are proposed for mesh partitioning based on an element search technique. The computational cost function is optimized by aligning each element of the structure to a proper substructure. The genetic algorithm is employed to minimize the boundary nodes of the substructures. Since the boundary nodes have a vital performance on the mesh partitioning, different strategies are proposed for the few number of substructures and higher number ones. The mesh partitioning is optimized considering both computational and memory requirements. The efficiency and robustness of the proposed algorithms is demonstrated in numerous examples for different size of substructures.