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Zahra Heidari | Abbas Keshavarz Shokri | Zahed Ghaffari Hashjin | Ali Morshedizad

Date :  2019/09/01
Publish in :    Journal of Organizational Behavior Research

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Keywords :women, parliamentarians, Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran

Abstract :
The current study aims at investigating the parameters that affected the presence of women political elites during period from the first to tenth parliamentary terms of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran. This studys method is a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods so that, with regard to the qualitative aspect, the necessary resources were collected through library, document analysis, and interview methods, and with regard to the quantitative aspect, demographic and statistical data of women members of the first to the tenth parliamentary terms were separately investigated and analyzed using various diagrams. Then, for a better comparison and analysis, we made data of, and coded, all of these parameters using the quantitative statistical method, and showed the frequency and percentage in form of charts using Excel software. The conceptual model of this study is based on Parsons’ Value System Theory. The findings indicate that relational positional factors and circumstances (such as age, gender, class, birthplace, etc.) and acquisitive ones (such as education, job position, political orientation and party, etc.), as well as the way these factors influenced, based on value parameters of wealth, power, influence, and commitment, influenced women representatives presence in ten terms of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran quantitatively and qualitatively so the factor of class and family base (among the relational factors and circumstances) and the factor of job position (among the acquisitive factors) are the most important ones due to their relation with all four important value parameters(i.e. wealth, power, influence, and commitment).

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