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Critical Review of the Mutazil? Theory of the Creation (?ud?th)of the Qur’an in Q??? Abd al-Jabb?r’s Opinion, Regarding Imam Rezas Narrations

Mahmud Saidiy | Ehsan Kordi Ardakani

Date :  2019/09/07
Publish in :    International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding

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The issue of creation/origin (Ḥudūth) or pre-eternity (Qidam) of the Qur’an was one of the oldest theological debates in Muslim world which has been discussed under the title of the word (Kalām or speech) attribute of God. Qāḍī Abd al-Jabbār, one the most important scholars of the Mu’tazilī school, gives several reasons to prove the origin and creation of the Qur’an. Referring to the hadiths (narrations) of Imam Reza (AS), his arguments lead to the temporal origin and gradual descent of the words and sounds of the Quran. However, since this is related to the word of God, the arguments of Abdul Jabbār require temporal origin, composition and change in the Divine nature, according to His Word attribute. For, the attribute could not be separated from the attributed and the sentence of creation or pre-eternity pass to each other, as well. The creation of the Qur’an and confining the Divine word in words and sounds provide you with basic challenges, which may not be accepted easily.