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Optimal Control of Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Grid for Offshore Wind Farms Using Hyper-Spherical Search Algorithm

Mahdi Akhbari | Ali Ghasemi

Date :  2019/06/11
Publish in :    Iranian Conference on Renewable Energy & Distributed Generation

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Keywords :multi-terminal HVDC; voltage-source converter; Hyper-Spherical Search algorithm, Optimal tuning, PI controller.

Abstract :
The growing renewable energy sources (RESs) penetration in power grids, has led to the growing interest in multiterminal HVDC (MTDC) grids which are the most suitable options for bulk power transmission. The control strategies of VSC-HVDC stations in MTDC grids, depends on the VSC’s characteristics. This paper proposes a control strategy for a VSC-based MTDC network using Hyper-Spherical Search (HSS) algorithm. The performance of the control system is dramatically influenced by the appropriate performance of the VSC controllers’ parameters. In order to the optimal tuning of the VSC controller’s parameters in MTDC grid, this paper applies an efficient HSS algorithm. The simulation results are carried out by modeling of four-terminal MTDC grid and verify the efficiency of the proposed approach. Also, the comparison of the controllers optimization by genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization, verifies the appropriate performance of the proposed Hyper-Spherical Search algorithm technique.