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Criticizing the Quranic anthropology of Mu?tazila, focusing on the issue of the superiority of angels over the prophets (PBUT) according to the principles of Ayatollah Jaw?d? ?mul?

Mahmud Saidiy | Muhammad Amin Bahrami

Date :  2019/10/14
Publish in :    International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding

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Prophetology and angelology are one of the main issues mentioned in the Holy Quran. But the question is which of the virtues is superior to the other in terms of the Quranic verses when comparing the good qualities of the angels and the prophets and according to the principles and fundamental of virtue ethics in Quran? The Muʿtazila believe that because of being preceded in some Quranic verses, the absence of evil attributes and their infallibility, the difficulty of worship and the being the Messenger; the angels have absolute superiority and virtue over the prophets. According to Ayatollah Jawādī Āmulīs interpretative-theological principles, due to the divinity of the different names of the prophets, the absolute and inclusive infallibility, the singularity of the angels and the material life of the prophets, the intercession of angels in some types of revelation, not all of them, the reasons of the Muʿtazila faces serious challenges and thus the virtue and superiority of the Prophets (peace be upon them) are proved.