Shahed University

Coffeehouse painting, founder of iconography in todays concept

Morteza Afshari

Date :  2019/09/30
Publish in :    International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies

Keywords :icon, iconography, coffeehouse painting, vitrai,imams, dervish screen, lithography, Qajar, coffeehouse.

Abstract :
Coffeehouse painting is one branch of Iranian painting and its history goes back to Qajar Era. This branch of painting affected by Iranian painting and aesthetic specifications of Qajar Era Painting has possessed specific position in iconography in todays concept. Hence, the main movement in field of formation of iconography in Iran can be considered as the effort of these painters. Choosing Shiite religion as formal religion of Iran on Safavid Era and promotion of religious literature and religious interest of people in religious contents in Qajar Era played effective role in field of considering iconography seriously in Iran.