Shahed University

Eye and its health from the viewpoint of Traditional Iranian Medicine

Ali Davati | Fatemeh Alijaniha | Jamshid Shayanfar | Seyed Saeed Esmaili | Hassan Ghasemi

Date :  2019/05/03
Publish in :    International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine

Keywords :Eye health, Traditional Iranian Medicine, Eyesight, Lifestyle.

Abstract :
Background: Traditional Iranian Medicine (TIM) pays special attention to the prevention of diseases rather than their treatment. The six considerations of maintaining health and prevention from diseases are also apply to the eye in TIM. Objective: This study aims to assess the relationship between essential lifestyle and eye health and preventive factors of ocular diseases in TIM. Methods: In this library-based study, primarily the standpoints of ancient Iranian physicians on the effect of lifestyle concerning the eye health were extracted from 4 sources including Al-Qanun fi at-Teb, Al-Havi fi at-Teb, AL-mujaz fi at-Teb and Akbari’s Teb about food and drinks, climatic conditions and environment, physical activities and rest, sleep and wakefulness, evacuation and retention, and psychological states; Then some of these factors were compared to new literature. Diseases of other organs effective on ocular health were also investigated. The findings were compared with modern medicine in medical literature such as PubMed and Google Scholar databases. Results: Some of the most effective factors on the eye health from the TIM point of view are foods and drinks, sleep, weather conditions, paying attention to evacuation and retention, psychological conditions, physical activities and rest and also stomach health. Conclusion: Correct lifestyle and improving the general health play important role in eye health. Lifestyle modification decrease the risk of developing near-sightedness, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract. More clinical studies should be performed to collaborate the role of all components of the six principles of health maintenance on eye