Shahed University

Modified adaptive second order sliding mode control: Perturbed system response robustness

Saeed Seyedtabaii

Date :  2020/01/01
Publish in :    Computers & Electrical Engineering
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Keywords :,Adaptive second-order SMC, Aircraft roll stabilization, Disturbance rejection, Performance robustness Robust control

Abstract :
Sensitivity to parameters, which is negative for any system; for an aircraft is destructive. In this respect, an Adaptive Second-order Sliding Mode Control (AS-SMC) is proposed to manage the unknown time-varying aircraft parameter uncertainty and un-modeled cou- pling perturbations. The employed adaptivity relaxes the required knowledge of the per- turbation bound, the suggested sliding surface improves the system stability and bypass- ing the SMC reaching phase enhances the performance robustness. The effectiveness of the scheme in providing low tolerance responses with respect to the basic controller is illus- trated through extensive simulations. The response is more appreciated when the system operates in a high angle of attack/sideslip conditions.