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Principles of Maximum Support for Groups Endangered of Victimization in the Iranian Legal System

Abolghasem Khodadi

Date :  2019/07/15
Publish in :    International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding

Keywords :Positive Discrimination; Globalization of Rights; Endangered Groups; Iranian Legal System

Abstract :
Groups endangered of victimization are more vulnerable than other people of the society in terms of physical and social characteristics. These groups fall into five main categories, including children, women, the elderly, the disabled, and minorities. This article seeks to lay the foundations of maximum support for these groups in the Iranian legal system. It seems that there is still no consistent view in the Iranian legal system of protecting specific victims. This dispersion is due to the lack of justification of criminal policymakers for the need for maximum, comprehensive and discriminatory support for these groups. The foundations presented in this article are based on the concepts of human rights, the globalization of rights and the rights of Islam, on the basis of which it is possible to form a discriminatory criminal policy in support of groups vulnerable to victimization

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