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Cassia fistula emulsion comparing with mineral oil on pediatric functional constipation

Mohammad Reza Esmaeilidooki | Mohammad Kamalinejad | Ali Bijani | Hoda Shirafkan | Seyyed Ali Mozaffarpur | Mohsen Naseri

Date :  2019/11/01
Publish in :    بيست و چهارمين کنگره بين المللي فيزيولوژي و فارماکولوژي

Keywords :Cassia fistula; persian medicine

Abstract :
Background and objective: Cassia fistula is used as laxative in Persian Medicine. The prevalence of Pediatric Functional Constipation (FC) is between 0.7 to 29.6 This study compare the laxative effect of cassia fistula emulsion (CFE) with mineral oil (MO) on FC. Materials and methods: A randomized clinical trial (registered in IRCT:IRCT201303196932N2) in Amirkola 13 years) with FC based on RomeIII criteria. They received CFE emulsion or MO randomly for three weeks. Children were counted as improved when they exited from RomeIII criteria of FC. Results: After medication, 84 of children in CFE (n=41) and 50 in MO (n=40) exited from the criteria of FC (p = 0.002). All measurable criteria improved in both groups. The frequency of defecation in CFE improved from 1.7 per week to 10.6 while from 2 to 6.1 in MO (p 0.001). The severity of pain during defecation and consistency of stool improved significantly in CFE than MO (p 0.05), but there were not any significant differences between groups in fecal incontinence and retentive posturing. Anal leakage of oily material occurred as an important different in the two groups. CFE and MO did not cause clinically significant side effects Conclusion: CFE was most effective than MO in the 3-week treatment of children with FC Keywords: Functional constipation, Children, Cassia fistula, Mineral oil, Traditional Iranian Medicine, Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT)

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